Potato brioche? buns in NYC

We’ve been using hellofresh for a bit and really love the potato buns that come with the burger meals. They resemble a brioche bun with the shiny top/crust and are not soft on the outside like grocery store potato buns are. Is there anywhere I can buy these?

They look just like these buns.

Maison Keyser offers something similar. However I think it might be a bit too large to use for burgers.

Sullivan Street Bakery

Thanks! They’re close to work so I’ll check them out.

Ooh thanks! Will make sure to check them out.

FWIW, you might want to read this about these.

I wouldn’t have a problem with the brioche. I make my burger patties super thin . Dressed with ketchup and mayonnaise , and onion . My favorite bread is toasted white for my burger sandwich.

Thanks for the link, I’ve seen similar articles before. Would like to note I wouldn’t have asked for where I could buy it if I didn’t like it when I actually ate it. I’ve eaten quite a few burgers in my life and I don’t think I need an article to tell me what to like.

That said the bun I’m looking for is a potato bun and not a straight up brioche. I didn’t find that any of the negatives mentioned in the article applied to my eating experience. I like the structure combined with the flavor of potato bun.

The single worst burger delivery vehicle I’ve had is ciabatta (a decision that was made without my input!). Truly terrible lol. Ciabatta in general is just not my thing.


Oh, shit, you’re right. Sorry about that.

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I’d have to say that those are my favorite burger buns. I came across this thread on my own search for them. I believe I’ve found them here

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