Preferred dungeness crab purveyor?

does anyone have a preferred purveyor of dungeness crab?

Monterey Market or Tokyo Fish.

Or direct from a boat. A friend had a connection with a boat out of Emeryville but I don’t know if that’s happening this year. I went to Half Moon Bay once.

i saw they have a new program for direct-from-boat in … fisherman’s wharf

but wonder if it would still be better to go with a well-established source

Is there bad live crab off of the boat directly. Look at them and say I don’t like that one , I’ll take that big and feisty one please. Maybe price will very slightly. Simple research.

Crabs start to starve as soon as they’re pulled from the ocean, meat gets spongy, flavor declines. Buying from a local boat minimizes that.

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Exactly. Could be a good week . Weather is calming. Boats will be moving this week.

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If you’re in the north bay, I had excellent luck over the years at Andy’s Local Market on 3rd st in San Rafael. They get 'em off the boat.

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A few years ago we would buy cooked on site crabs at Sonoma


I don’t know if they still do but they sure were good.

They were sold to the Nugget chain a few years ago so I wouldn’t bet on it.

I just looked them up and they sound quite good. ???

Could still be the same as before, depends on whether and how their corporate overlords changed things. I can’t find any recent reports.