Private Dinner scam?

Anyone heard of this?

0 mention of names or what position these chefs were in at the restaurant. They could’ve been a dishwasher, janitor, a stage, line cook, or perhaps Thomas Keller or Roca brothers themselves…nobody knows.

ShariNori’s head chef posted on IG advertising it:

I have not been but have friends who have tried ShariNori and recommended it. If it is legit, it’s more bad marketing more than anything.

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Huge red flag . " Great Wine ."

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I got a few names for y’all from their IG

Caleb Hernandez (Bouchon / TFL)
“Chef Collin” (Coi)
Timothy Brice
Jaclyn Gallo (knifepleat)
Jimmy Matiz (El Cellar)
“Chef Han”
“Chef Taylor” (FdL)

There’s more if you keep scrolling through the IG

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More digging on the bigger name draws:

Caleb Hernandez…no mention of his position at TFL or Bouchon

Jimmy Matiz…staged at Roca

Chef Collins…intern/stage at Coi while attending Culinary school


… how many people that have worked with keller refer to him as a ‘celebrity chef’ …


Maybe this might be the fyre festival of food festivals… oh wait, that’s happened already

And prob first 626 night market in Pasadena

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Dumb question…what’s a food designer?

It’s a stretch for some of these folks. Like they want to put just enough to make you think they have storied careers.

Seems like some marketing hoodwinking.

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No idea. Perhaps some sort of food stylist since he didn’t say R&D?

Curtis Stone is maybe more of a celebrity chef than an actual in-the-kitchen chef these days.

A food designer for Curtis Stone probably helps develop recipes for Stone’s web site or cookbooks.

I think more the opposite, he was already quite busy and popular in Australia before moving to LA. I don’t think he had to open his restaurants, he wanted to and I’ve seen him in the kitchen at Gwen although it’s been a minute since I’ve been. I’ve seen him more as a celebrity chef that went back to running actual restaurants a bit while still doing his celebrity chefing, which no doubt pays out more for a given day’s time. I’d guess he’d been out of the restaurant sector for more than a decade before he opened up Maude. It’s impressive that he’s been able to create a couple pretty damn good restaurants after not being involved for so long.


True enough, but a food designer is working for the celebrity chef part of Stone’s business, not Maude or Gwen.

My guess is these are just ambitious young cooks maybe inflating their resumes a bit. They’re not likely straight-up lying about where they worked / staged.


Clever marketing

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