PSA - Golden China in Culver City Has Mala Sichuan

Boiled fish (off menu).


Me: Your menu looks different. You have Sichuan food now?

Man answering phone at Golden China: Yes.

Me: You have a Sichuan chef now?

Man: Yes.

Me: Can I get water-boiled fish? Mala?

Man: What, you want fish?

Me: Yes, fish, mala.

Man: Fish? Mala? [Then says something briefly in Chinese.]

Me: Yes, please. [Because I figure he knows what he’s talking about.].

I can’t believe we can get this in Culver City!


How is the food there? Been thinking about going.

They don’t use MSG, so I never go.


It’s one of those local places that make changes over the years. They used to have a section of the menu with wheat gluten dishes that were very good. Then there was a fire and when they reopened, the menu had changed and it wasn’t good at all. Now it looks likes there are changes again, so I’m willing to give it a couple more tries. Please report back if you go!

Secret menu: No garlic, extra msg, please.

So how did you like your last try???