Pullling out the stops

My wonderful brother was here this weekend. As I posted in the LA thread we went to Republique; he was here for our turkey fest, and last night I went all out and grilled a Snake River Farms Black grade ribeye cap.
Its such a delicious piece of beef that it needs very little attention. I trimmed exterior fat and silverskin. Following a suggestion from here, https://blog.thermoworks.com/beef/rib-cap-and-roast/, I tied it after salting and peppering the exterior.

Ribeye caps seem to vary in thickness. The ones I used to get from Costco (they don’t carry them anymore) were thin strips rolled in a circle and tied. The first one I got from Snake River was also quite thin, but this one ended up measuring around an inch and a quarter. Rather that just grilling it over direct heat I set up a two zone fire and started it over the cool side. I took it to 110 and switched it to the hot side. Flipped it constantly until it came to 125. Pulled it off and let it rest for around 10 minutes while I finished the sides.

Turned out perfectly! Let a little beurre de baratte melt over the hot meat.

I served it with mille fois potatoes and sauted vegetables.

So good! Not cheap by any means. Snake River regularly offers discounts which I snatch up, but a hunk of wagyu is an indulgence. Highly recommend it if you are in the mood to splurge.


We got prime ribeye caps from the Northridge Costco about 3 weeks ago. I read online somewhere that they tend to put them out on Fridays but I don’t know how accurate that is.

I wonder if they reconsidered.


I’ve seen them at Costco quite recently.

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The rib eye caps are back in some of the SoCal Costco


Saw 4 packs of the prime ribeye caps this afternoon at Northridge.


Costco in Marina Del Rey had Prime ribeye caps and Wagyu ribeye caps as of today. I was tempted to buy the Wagyu, but to my eyes it didn’t seem any more marbled than the Prime. Has anyone tried the Wagyu caps from Costco?


We picked up a regular rib cap package from the La Habra store last week.