Question about "specials" at Aburiya Raku


Thanks so much for all of the great photos and posts about Aburiya Raku. I noticed a couple of dishes mentioned in the posts that I didn’t see on the on-line menu, and I was wondering whether I just missed them. If they are “specials,” I wanted to get a general sense of how often they are offered - these are the dishes I’m particularly interested in:

-grilled salmon or yellowtail belly
–yellowtail collar

thanks in advance - sorry for not appending this to other Aburiya threads, but they’ve become so long, it was getting hard to read them.


Those items are on the regular menu as “agedashi kama or fish belly”, the type of fish varies but they should always have fish collar and belly.

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Hi @kohrla,

To add to what @PorkyBelly said, you can also order this from 2 parts of the menu and get the Fish Belly served Fried or Grilled. Depending on availability you can get:

  • Salmon Belly, Fried
  • Salmon Belly, Grilled
  • Yellowtail Belly, Fried
  • Yellowtail Belly, Grilled

Collar is also on the regular menu.

For other dishes you might have seen from our threads, they are indeed Specials. They rotate often, so it depends what else you’re interested in (just ask). :slight_smile: Enjoy!

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The sashimi are the “specials” as far as I know for the LV location. You won’t know the pricing unless you ask for the “specials”.

Speaking of the damn Vegas location, though they claim to be open until 3, if you show up at 1:59 on a Thursday they won’t seat you even after you’ve driven 40 minutes outta the way. (Yes this just happened to me and yes I want to scream!)

Otherwise it’s great

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That’s good info re: Vegas. Unfortunate for you though…

It’s funny that the dishes you mention ARE actually on the menu.
But it is worth pointing out that usually there are TWO specials chalkboards and - for some weird reason - you generally need to ask to see both (or they will only show you one).


pro tip: as soon as i walk in i take a picture of the different specials boards leaning against the host stand.


You are a wise, wise piece of pork belly


Pigs are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals around!


Trade secret. Helps when you are reviewing it, too.

One of the special boards will be the special/seasonal fish offering, typically for sashimi. By the counter seats to the left is some fish on ice for display, and sometimes you’ll see oysters as well. The rest would be various cooked dishes and small plates/small bites.

If you are a slick Japanese restaurant/izakaya navigator, you can also ask if they could prepare any of the fish other ways, though don’t push it if the kitchen staff cannot or unwilling (though the likelihood of yes may be higher on weeknights if they are less busy then). Fried and grilled are generally easier, other preps will take longer (and a bit more work and monitoring depending on what it is).

I would also ask for those interested, if they carry any special sake (e.g. seasonal, limited, off menu).


I learned this the hard way as well. I think the waitresses just randomly decide you only show 1 of the specials board unless you ask to see both.

First - thank you all! FTC’ers are awesome - I really appreciate the tips.

I think I also discovered why I couldn’t seem to find the kama or fish belly dishes on the menu - there’s a website for the Los Angeles location, that doesn’t seem to have them on the dinner menu (again, unless I really need new reading glasses):

However, the Las Vegas menu lists them under the “Hot Dishes” in the “Appetizers” section:

So just to also confirm - the two specials chalkboards are in the LA location, correct?

Again, thanks! (And yes, pigs are both intelligent and delicious).


Correct. Enjoy.

Hi @kohrla -

What they’re basically saying is don’t rely on the online menu, just go. Looking forward to your thoughts, no pressure. :wink:

What? Pro-tip indeed!

It’s why I’m having more and more trouble eating them… and yes, I’m a hypocrite.