Ramen Champ Revamp is today

starting at 5pm. gone is the eggslut team, in are all-Japanese kitchen + service staff, backed by ex-Ramen Yokocho team.


dan dan:

the rumormill says they’re not using MSG here at all, and the tonkotsu broth is definitely not Tsujita annex’s weapons of mass pork/salt. the dan dan/tan tan ramen had an extra dose of spicy ground pork, and uses thick noodles, whereas the regular tonkotsu uses the thick.

Qin, and Champ, are now the best food offerings at Far East Plaza. And Endorffeine’s Heart-backed cortado is still one of the best in the city.

G’luck with parking.

that’s definitely not koisher.

Hmmm!! Maybe we’ve been lucky. We’ve always found parking in the underground lot. And it’s easy to get there from the Gold Line.

Thanks for the report!! I’m excited to try the Tan Tan! The Japanese interpretation is one of my favorites and would love to see more places take a crack at it.