Ramen Lab by Sun Noodle Chronicles

Dang! An excellent bowl of Wagyu ramen at Ramen Lab courtesy of Sun Noodle Kitchen. Get it before the rotation ends on 12/23.

70 Kenmare St,
New York, NY 10012


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This month’s pop-up features Brooklyn Kura sake incorporated into the ramen & soba.

Ordered the SAKEKASU TONKOTSU RAMEN (Creamy pork bone broth with sake lees foam, pork belly, fishcake, scallions, red ginger pickles, sesame seeds, anchovy oil, seaweed)

Delicious! The thin layer of sake lees foam covers the entire surface; the fermented/alcoholic flavors complements the richness of the tonkotsu broth nicely.

To me Ramen Lab has become the most exciting ramen destination and possibly the best ramen joint in the U.S currently! Tiny standing counter only spot with one chef preparing every bowl of ramen with TLC.


I just wish they were two seats bigger.

Any particular reason?

the waiting

although the mole ramen was well worth enduring the NYC winter ambiance.

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Okinawa Soba - Clear pork bone broth with fish broth, sake lees omelette, pork belly, fishcake, scallions, red ginger pickles

In place of the Okinawan styled udon like ‘soba’, flat wide ramen was used in keeping with the restaurant’s namesake. All other elements were consistent with traditional Okinawan soba - clear pork broth, thick slice of pork belly [albeit without the soft bone (soki)]. They even offer the classic fiery condiment Kōrēgusu, available upon request.

Hokkaido ramen theme this month.


Chanpontei pop up begins next week. Chanpon style ramen, sounds interesting…

_“Chanpontei was born from a small noodle restaurant that opened in 1963 in Shiga, Japan. The restaurant’s signature Chanpon dish, now known as a local specialty of the region, features a family-secret golden broth made from seven types of seafood, paired with thicker noodles and topped with plenty of fresh vegetables…We invite you to enjoy a bowl of Shiga soul food when Chanpontei visits Ramen Lab, May 22–June 30”

Update: Not my cup of tea, bit too rustic.


Latest pop-up. Another winner - Regional Summer Ramen JULY 10–21

Soupless medium wavy noodles seasoned with flavored oil and original soy sauce, topped with egg, sesame, seaweed, scallion, bamboo shoots, pork spareribs. Served with a side of yuzu rind flavored vinegar.

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Just launched this week, Menya Masamume.

"Menya Masamune hails from Miyagi prefecture in Japan, serving traditional ramen with shio (salt-based) and shoyu (soy sauce) broth, topped with chashu that takes three days to prepare. We invite you to enjoy a bowl of award-winning ramen when Menya Masamune takes over Ramen Lab from July 24–Aug 18…
The restaurant’s signature soup, made from pork, chicken and fish bones, and traditional chashu pork (prepared over a period of three days) made it a mainstay in Tokyo’s competitive ramen industry."

Tried the Masamune Shio ramen. Light bone broth with a slight hint of fish. Reminds me of a stronger version of HK wonton soup. Nice classic ramen preparation.



Latest pop up (8/28 - 9/15) from Tokyo’s HiyaChu. I’ve never enjoyed hiyashi ramens I’ve had in the past. But WOW!!! This was delicious!! Perfect al dente ramen paired with bright crisp vegetables with the complementary acidity from the black vinegar. Perfect for the hot humid weather. Beautifully presented with a woman’s touch. @ipsedixit get it if you’re in NYC!!!

Black vinegar hiyashi chuka
Black vinegar and soy sauce dressing, cold medium straight noodles, lettuce, carrot, red cabbage, cilantro, seaweed, cucumber, okra, tomato, boiled salted pork, tuna chutney, boiled egg



Back on the saddle again, after missing the last pop-up. Latest theme - “Spanish Style” ramen. Other than the roasted Jalapeno and cilantro, can’t say I see too much Spanish influence. Would have liked something more pronounced or distinctively Spanish flavors; nonetheless still a solid bowl of noodles.

I love this place.

“Sun Noodle Kitchen is back with a spicy, Spanish-style ramen. In Spain, ramen is called “soup” even though it is served with traditional ramen noodles and broth. Try our jalapeno soup served with spicy ground pork or vegan-style with miso and veggies.”

Pork broth and medium wavy noodles with red and green jalapeño, cilantro, red onion, spicy ground pork, cherry tomato, corn and garlic

A little off topic but are these ramen packs at Tokyo Central from the same Sun Noodles? I bought a pack but haven’t tried them yet. They had 4 flavors - shoyu, miso, tonkatsu and something else I forgot.

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Yes. Sun Noodle makes a variety of ramen noodles. Some thick. Some thin. Some straight. Some wavy. etc.
The ones in your photo are made for retail and may differ from the type of Sun Noodle that you may have loved at your favorite ramen shop.


I use those noodles quite often. I like them! I get the miso flavor because the noodles are thicker.
I pitch the flavor pack and I usually top it noodles with ginger scallion sauce, some homemade Sichuan pepper chili oil, and a variety of other toppings for more of a warm noodle salad.

I can’t believe it, but I haven’t used the flavor pack once and I’ve made those noodles at least two dozen times.

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The noodles are great. When we first opened the package the serving size seemed really small. Once you drip the in water they really expand. Great chew on the noodle that stands up well to warm broth. I think this is our new go to ramen. It’s more expensive than the others options and dry ramen but well worth it. Still only $2 a serving.


Latest pop-up - Ramen Butayama from Tokyo (February 11 – March 7)

Rich pork broth with soy-based sauce, pork chashu, pork fat, bean sprout, cabbage & garlic

Come hungry … this is collagen therapy in a bowl! Definitely one for pork lovers! Broth is more like a collagen emulsification. Very good but also very heavy for my impotent aging digestive juices. I’m going to take a nap now :sleeping:.


wow that looks great omg

Extended to April 11