Ramos Fizz in New Orleans

I love Ramos Fizzes and was excited to try them in New Orleans. Luckily, it was suggested here that I try Bar Sazerac at the Hotel Roosevelt. Started there, then tried a fantastic one at Bar Tonique. Couldn’t decided which was best, they were both so good.

Bottom pic is Bar Tonique, which had a lovely head!
Also tried Bar O on Bourbon street, which has a machine that shakes the cocktail for 6 minutes. That drink is below - it was a little heavy on the cream for my tastes. But if you like a sazerac, they make theirs with real absinthe.

Had a decent one at R’Evolution and a very forgettable one at Commanders Palace.

My Louisiana born auntie loved her some Ramos Fizz. She would have had an orgasm over these.

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Glad you got a chance to try them both . . .

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Our last hour was spent at Bar Sazerac, having one last Ramos! I don’t know any bar in LA that will serve one, but luckily, got some good tips to make my homemade ones better!

You can probably find one in L.A. But they won’t come close to the ones you’ve just had. That head looks amazing. Don’t spoil the memory by ordering one in L.A. and having it made by a bartender who’s just trying to accommodate a customer.