Ranas Mexico City Cuisine

Why in the hell someone would name a restaurant Frogs is beyond me, BUT…in spite of a really weird name, the food is really good. It’s in the dreaded East County in a sad little shopping center at the corner of Campo Rd. and Kenwood on the Casa de Oro side of Mt. Helix. They expanded recently and remodeled. The old space is now a bar and the new dining room is larger but perhaps somewhat spartanly decorated. Along with a new space comes a new menu. There are a few tacos, burritos and enchiladas, but more of the menu is made up of alambres, pambazo sandwiches (cousin to the torta ahogada) and huaraches.

I happened to be out in that neck of the woods this morning and stopped in to check out the new digs. I also had the Huarache Entomatada…spicy chunks of pork and strips of nopales in a spicy sauce, on top of an oblong raft of masa with a generous smear of refried beans, all topped off with some cool green lettuce, a little sour cream and a sprinkling of cotija. It was good, the spicy level hot but not searing and way more than I could eat.

It’s worth checking out, maybe not worth a drive inland from the beach. Good traditional Mexican food at reasonable prices served by some really, really nice people


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Dumb question time, DD.

But is it typical to garnish a dish like this with julienned greens?

Not really.

In Mexico the huarache would be smaller (this thing was enormous) and if there was a garnish it would most likely be shredded cabbage and sliced radishes.

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Yes. If this place were open right now (almost 11 pm) and closer than Spring Valley, I think I’d be on my way…

Great photo, BTW. Did you do that yourself or was FN with you (LOL)?

Cell phone…

DC, I thought about you while eating it, thinking that while it was plenty spicy for me, it would probably be too tame for you :yum:

Things like this don’t always have to be blazing for me to enjoy them. If I think added chili flavor and heat will add to my enjoyment, then I’ll go for it, but that’s definitely not the case for everything. For dishes like this one, I’ll always try a few bites w/o any additional sauce (if available), first.

Looks good, but if I ate that whole thing I’d be napping for the rest of the day.

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It wasn’t as heavy as it looks, surprisingly. The masa base was really done well. No nap time for me yesterday :sunglasses: