Real talk: favorite frozen/take & bake pizza?

need frozen + take & bake pizza suggestions because of reasons.

my current go to:

Strangely, I hate the costco take & bakes but I’m a sucker for a slice of pepperoni every time I’m in the food court.

Lou Malnati’s


6 for $110 shipped actually isn’t bad.

looks like I’ll be getting some as soon as my chest freezer gets here.

I’ve got a 14yo with hollow legs and an almost 12yo old. These are always in our freezer (I have 2 fridge/freezers and a chest freezer).


I add toppings to the Kirkland pizzas at home before baking.


Yep those Costco/Kirkland cheese ones bake up super nice.

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oh, these bad boys from TJ are also not bad as a snack

Not available frozen but we like Papa Murphys take and bake.

My favorite is Amy’s spinach pizza. Trader Joe’s spinach pizza used to be Amy’s re-branded, but they switched manufacturers a few years ago and I don’t like the “new” version as much. Now I have to pay premium for Amy’s brand name :laughing:

Trader Joes favorite frozen pies include the Pizza Parlano, which is essentially a supreme pizza. Not for the salt averse, but I love it. I also like TJs burrata, prosciutto, and arugula flatbread and the tarte d’alsace mentioned by @Ns1

For something different, I like the frozen Vicolo cornmeal crust spinach pizza.


I used to buy the Bambino pizzas from TJs before but my kids prefer the Sabatasso ones. they are a little bigger and not as doughy as the TJ ones.

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I usually keep a couple of the TJ’s ones in the freezer. I cook them in a hotter oven than the instructions.

I throw leftover pizza in the freezer if there’s any after breakfast the next day. Other than that… no.

I add mushrooms.


holy shit for frozen Costco pizza this stuff is amazing. May or may not help that I bought a new toaster oven w/ pizza stone.

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A pizza stone makes a huge difference.

If your feeling a little ambitious, try the pizza dough @ TJs w/ your favorite sauce and toppings—really easy and very tasty. Just make sure you heat up the stone for 30 minutes first (the dough also needs to sit on the counter for the same amount of time, so no big deal).

I used to have a set of 3 smaller pizza stones that I got from Crate & Barrel (unfortunately, the ex got those) and I would divide the ball of TJs dough into 3 personal size pizzas and top them each with different combination of ingredients for some variety.

I use TJs dough and this technique.

Interesting. I’ve never rested the dough @ room temp for 2hrs. or used the broiler.

Nor had I. Give it a try and let me know please.

Possibly sometime in the future when I buy new pizza stones!

Yep, we switch off between the Sabatasso’s round single serve pizzas and the french bread pizzas. They’re both good.

anyone tried this? costco on washington has it.

wow this was 3 years ago. what’s good now? same pizza? new pizza?