Reasonably priced vegan pie in Burbank/Studio City/NoHo area?

Reasonable = ~$20

Does not need to be massive, but should feed 2-3 people.

I think SunCafe Organic wants $9 for a single serving of their key lime pie.

would republic of pie have a vegan pie. I somehow doubt it.
Is this basically a pie crust without butter?

A: Nobody has a goddamn vegan pie. But Rawkin Juice has vegan treats for the appalling price of $8.xx each.

This doesn’t fit any of your prerequisites, but it’s an option if you get stuck. Clara Cakes is a wonderful vegan bakery run by Clara Polito. I’m a fan of her cupcakes in particular. While I haven’t tried her pies, she was selected to be the judge of the vegan category at this year’s Good Food Pie Contest. Her pies are $40. They must be pre-ordered and picked up at her home in Atwater Village.

that’s good to know for the future, thanks.

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I can’t vouch for the quality, but I’m pretty sure Whole Foods sell vegan pies. I have had some of their other vegan baked goods that were good. Closest to your location is probably Sherman Oaks?

That is so odd.

I mean, I hate to admit I know this - but Crisco is vegan. It’s a vegetable shortening. And you can make a decent crust with oil and water (recipe from an old Better Homes and Garden’s Cookbook.)

Why is in so hard to find a vegan pie?

Okay here’s another way to do it - call up a kosher bakery and, ask if they have parve fruit pies (parve means no meat or dairy in it, it’s neutral, like Switzerland.) That would work for you! And the price should be right : )

This bakery is parve -

The reviews are mixed on this one, but if their grade in the window is improved, worth a shot.

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