Red Rock Japanese Beef Bowl in Torrance (former Monjiro Monzo space)

Looks like a Japanese beef bowl chain called Red Rock has taken over the Monjiro Monzo space in Torrance (182nd and Van Ness). I’m a little leery of the chain status, but maybe that’s me just being a reverse snob. Regardless, if anyone gets a chance to stop by please report back for the sake of all of us.

Pictures look interesting. Bummed Monzo is out.

Ironic that a Japanese chain is featuring beef from a UK cattle breed.

Finally got to have lunch at Red Rock!


Counter Seat. Set salad and water.

Salad had a tomato dressing

Cute decor. Kiriko Glass collection. BGM is classy jazz.

I chose the “Sliced Beef Bowl” (reg) with raw egg.

The flavors of the roast beef are rather subdued :frowning: --I was hoping for more beefiness. The texture was great! Tender without being chewy.:slightly_smiling_face: If you have never enjoyed the combo of beef & raw egg (e.g. sukiyaki) you are missing out. Delicious rice is being served here @Chowseeker1999.

Total came to $14.xx before tip.

One of the staff mentioned that they had plans to begin a course menu for their dinner service.


Hmm, maybe I’ll just stick to Yoshinoya.

Even though a Yoshinoya beef bowl is also tasteless, and likewise tender (as in tender like pre-chewed, denture-free tender), at least it’s about half the price.


… or steak tartare.


Yoshinoya tasteless? You can’t taste the 2000g of sodium, or perhaps it’s so salty it actually numbs the taste buds.

Yes, a salt bomb, but I loved for the stuff in my 20s. :smiley: I’d ask them to pour extra beef broth over the rice.

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2000 mg of sodium?

I have more than that before my first piss in the morning.

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Hmmmmmmm Cowboy Junmai Ginjo Yamahai Genshu (2nd selection under Japanese Sake), that is some seriously and ridiculously good stuff (and QPR) and designed to pair with Angus beef (or beef in general) as well as a wide range of food from the land and the sea. It’s an interesting but yet a bit perplexing choice for here.