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I tried replying to your post, but because of this board’s stupid rule that you can’t post more than 3 times in succession in a single thread, I need to start a separate post. Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village has indeed reopened. I was walking by at street level, but didn’t go upstairs to check it out.


Thanks chandavkl. I’m really interested in more on this. Would really be a bizarre twist.

Not as odd as OK Cafe disappearing for what, 7 or 8 years?, only to resurface in Atlantic Times Square.


I wonder if the 30 year hiatus of Hwa Yuan in New York Chinatown holds the record. I believe they reopened in the original location to boot.


probably keeps a lot of spam off the plate

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Didn’t know about the rule, but I just do the whole highlight-text-from-multiple-posters-in-a-single-post, which should effectively get you around the rule w/o too much more work. Or you can do the “@(poster’s name),” which will notify them that you’ve responded. :slight_smile:

That’s a Discourse default I never knew about. Raised it to 20.


Discourse does a great job of blocking spam posts. Usually they don’t manage to post even one, or they post just one and It’s flagged for review.

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