Republique - Stunning Brunch, Lunch & Pastries Galore [Thoughts + Pics]


So bummed I have lunch already today. :cry:

Our super seasonal Cherry Braid is back, and this time it has a delicious chocolate almond filling!! Gorgeous cherries from @murrayfamilyfarms line the center of this pastry made with croissant dough. This is a big hit and sells out quickly when we have it in our pastry case on a normal Saturday, and we have it available to order TODAY! Tap the “ORDER NOW” button below our bio to see what items we have available for same-day pick up!

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Oh no, I ordered the pastry but just got a message from them. Excuse me while I sob incessantly

I am terribly sorry, but it appears we have actually oversold our Chocolate Cherry Braid and I no longer have enough to fulfill these orders. I sincerely apologize for the error on our part and will of course, be refunding you for the Cherry Braid.


Sorry to hear @petoketo! :frowning: Darn.

Glad that they’re having some good business to sell out of things like that on the day they post, though.


This was the box they used to hand us the pastries and produce today. I would have happily taken the original contents instead.


Ouch! I don’t blame you…premier cru…

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Nice @js76wisco. :slight_smile: Besides the Mango Pie, what else did you get today? Were you able to get the Cherry Braid Pastry? I’m curious how it is.

@Chowseeker1999 I thought about the cherry braid after your post but we picked up so many desserts.

We had a slice of the salted caramel chocolate cake. The flavor was great but the cake itself was dense and rich. We took a few bites and saving the rest for tonight. It ate like a brownie. It wasn’t bad but just not what I was expecting.

The jam bombolini was excellent. We’ve had the vanilla one before but liked the jam version as much. My son enjoyed the cinnamon sugar donut. Great exterior coating but I thought the donut was a bit heavy.

The lack of traffic on the weekends will definitely bring us back to the city more often.


Hi @js76wisco,

Thanks for the info on the jam bomboloni. We’ve always had the creme brulee version as well. Good to know. :slight_smile:

Yes, her salted caramel chocolate cake is decadent. :wink:

Hope you get to try more of Chef Manzke’s pastries and desserts in the near future. :slight_smile: