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That first lobster pasta is a delight…the sauce reminds me of a reduced lobster bisque.
I just had carb-heavy lunch a couple of hours ago, and now I’m hungry, again. Great photos, @PorkyBelly! I need to come in for brunch/breakfast…I need eggs on eggs in my life.


Good idea. It would be nice to see all the others and this together. Gives different perspectives. Can’t see a reason not to.



I’ve no idea what that means in this context. Explain?

Nice report @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile: I love their Malfadine, thanks for the tip though. :slight_smile:

Catching up on our last 3 visits to Republique.

Chef Walter Manzke’s flagship restaurant, his pedigree having worked at El Bulli and Alain Ducasse is on full display here. Occupying a historic space originally built for Charlie Chaplin and then later as the restaurant Campanile, it is still as photogenic and beautiful as before.

While the entire bar staff looks different on this visit, I decided to see how the Cocktails were faring.

Mandarinquat (Gin, Basil, Yuzu):

This sounded amazing, but it was a touch too boozy, off-balance, but drinkable.

Amuse Bouche: Potato and Leek Beignet (Gruyere, Horseradish Aioli):

Perfectly crispy, light, piping hot (freshly fried). A delicious way to start the meal. :slight_smile:

Coleman Farms Little Gems (Pinkerton Avocados, Breakfast Radish, Toasted Seeds, Green Goddess Dressing):

In a city where Salads are ubiquitous, but many feel like an afterthought (as if the kitchen was forced to offer some Salads out of necessity for customer demand), the Coleman Farms Little Gems Salad is simply outstanding: Crisp, bright, vibrant, the quality of the greens is without question, but it’s also the composition of the Breakfast Radishes, Toasted Seeds and Radish Sprouts. Bits of ripe, creamy, buttery Pinkerton Avocados elevate it even more, and the Housemade Green Goddess Dressing gives it just enough of a spark. One of the better Salads we’ve had recently. :slight_smile:

Charcuterie Board (featuring a selection of all Housemade Charcuterie):

Housemade Pork Rillettes, Pork Terrine, Rabbit Terrine, Duck Terrine, Coppa, Guanciale, Duck Liver:

They were all pretty delicious, but my favorites were probably the Rabbit Terrine and Duck Terrine on this visit. Just perfectly balanced: Creamy, fatty, but not overwhelming, not overly salty, so good, especially with their Housemade Baguette. :slight_smile:

Mafaldine (Maine Lobster, Santa Barbara Uni):

While their Appetizers and Salads have some hits (and some misses over the years), one thing that Republique excels at are its Pastas. They were so consistently good over the years that it inspired @Porthos to create a thread based on that years ago and it still holds true today, especially with their Mafaldine Pasta.

Resembling a squiggly Fettuccine Noodle, the Mafaldine is glorious: Supple, nicely cooked chunks of Maine Lobster, a bit of Santa Barbara Uni mixed into the Pasta Sauce and the nice mouthfeel and chew of the perfectly al dente Pasta. It is a must order! :heart: (There’s a reason @PorkyBelly raves about it so much, it is fantastic!) :slight_smile:

We fell in love with it months ago and was glad to see it remain on the menu until now (usually they rotate Pastas quite a bit).

Mary’s Organic Roasted Chicken (Braised Greens, Fingerling Potatoes, Dijon Mustard):

Their large format dishes can be hit-or-miss at times, and on this occasion it was a slight miss: The Mary’s Organic Roasted Chicken wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t sing either. It tasted like a solid, competent Roast Chicken, seasoned well (not too salty), but with flabby skin (not roasted enough to crisp the skin) and a safe seasoning profile, it tasted like a typical “Roast Chicken.” You get plenty of food for $39 in this dish, but it’s not something we’d order again.

Brown Butter Almond Cake (Citrus-Raspberry Sauce, Thyme Ice Cream):

Pastry Chef Margarita Manzke has been delivering excellent Pastries and Desserts for Republique since it opened up, and the Brown Butter Almond Cake is a wonderful example of that. The Almond Cake itself is fragrant, delicately sweet and with nice Almond notes, the Citrus-Raspberry Sauce a nice counterpoint and the Thyme Ice Cream is interesting, complementing the dish instead of overwhelming with more sweetness.

Mille-Feuille (Hazelnut, Banana, Chocolate):

This was tasty, but not really a traditional Mille-feuille that you might expect (which is what I was hoping for). It lacked the super crisp, light thin layers. It was still delicious, but kind of big and bulky and disparate at times.

On another visit…

I started with their Hotel Nacional (Rum, Pineapple, Apricot, Lime):

This definitely was not as good as before. The change in bartending staff is real, and it’s taken a hit. :frowning: The Hotel Nacional was unbalanced, with way too much Rum and it tasted rough. A far cry from the excellent Nacional I had with Republique about a year ago. And a far cry from the great drinks that Beverage Maestro Julian Cox and his students would generate from the Rivera days (to early Bestia, Picca, Fiscal Agent and many more places).

Housemade Bread & Normandy Butter:

SO GOOD! :heart:

Potato and Leek Beignet (Gruyere, Horseradish Aioli):

Just as good as the last visit. :slight_smile:

European White Asparagus (Sauce Maltaise, Baby Mache):

Excellent, beautiful, deeply savory White Asparagus. :blush: Great recommendation, thanks @PorkyBelly! I loved the Sauce Maltaise as well; never overpowering the Asparagus.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras (Pudwill Farms Blackberries, Braised Tokyo Turnips):

Buttery, luscious, perfectly cooked Foie Gras. Outstanding. :heart:

Brussels Sprouts (Thao Farms Arugula, Salsa Verde, Drake Family Goat Cheese):

This was a refreshing Brussels Sprouts Salad, a great interplay between the bitterness and slight crisp leafiness of the Arugula with the tender, slow-roasted Brussels Sprouts. The Drake Family Goat Cheese added just the right amount of pungent punch that only Goat Cheese can provide. :slight_smile:

White Salad (Endive, Hearts of Palm, Sunchokes, Creme Fraiche, Hazelnuts, Parmesan):

Another refreshing, quality Salad that stands out from most offerings around town. We liked the Brussels Sprouts Salad more.

English Pea Agnolotti (Nigel’s Pancetta, Andante Dairy Goat Cheese, Mint):

Simple-sounding, but Chef Manzke and staff exhibit the understanding that you don’t always need a myriad of ingredients or extravagant preparations to make a delicious dish: The Agnolotti were perfectly cooked, the fresh English Peas give that unmistakable bright, green sweetness that only fresh English Peas can give (nothing like the frozen Peas more commonly found), and the bit of porky fattiness from the Nigel’s Pancetta and the creaminess from the Andante Goat Cheese made this another great Pasta offering. :slight_smile:

Duck Confit (Sweet Potato, Roasted Beets, Blueberry-Peppercorn Sauce):

The Duck Confit had wonderful crispy skin and a tender, long-cooked flavor. :slight_smile: However, it was a touch too salty (not by much, but just a bit oversalted to make it slightly off). If the sodium was dialed back just a bit this would’ve been outstanding.

Handmade Ice Cream - Hazelnut, Vanilla, Earl Grey, Pistachio Raspberry, Black Sesame Orange:

We were celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays, and Republique was nice enough to give us this selection of Ice Creams to celebrate. :slight_smile: They were all well-made Ice Creams, with Earl Grey being my favorite, with a strong Bergamot scent coming through.

And while I really like and love many of Pastry Chef Margarita Manzke’s Pastries and Desserts, they just don’t compare at all to the burst of pure flavor that Bulgarini’s legendary Gelato has. Yes, they are different things, but I’m just completely spoiled by Bulgarini and any kind of “Ice Cream” or “Gelato” that I come across post-Bulgarini is just OK in comparison.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake:

If you love Chocolate or anything that even hints of Chocolate, this Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake is for you! :wink: This Dessert is so decadent and pure Chocolate madness that my best friend, the birthday girl, couldn’t stop raving about it. :blush: It was delicious.

On another recent visit (15th visit?)…

Amuse Bouche - Potato & Leek Soup:

“Eggs On Toast” - Soft Scrambled Eggs, Santa Barbara Uni:

This perennial classic has been on the menu (mostly) since they opened years ago. In honor of @A5KOBE @PorkyBelly we had to revisit this classic again. :wink: It was excellent, with the uneven Uni (this year) being thankfully “even” and fresh and vibrant on this evening. :slight_smile:

House G & T (Gin, Tangerine, Yuzu, Basil):

No bueno. :frowning: At this point, I’m going to be skipping Republique’s Cocktails until they get back better Bartenders. Yet another unbalanced, not very pleasing Cocktail, mainly Gin, almost no taste from Tangerine or Yuzu. Oh well.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras (Pudwill Farms Blackberries, Braised Tokyo Turnips):

As outstanding as last time. :heart: So buttery, perfectly cooked. Right up there with the Grilled Foie Gras over Binchotan Charcoals at Aburiya Raku (@TheCookie).

Octopus Salad (Harry’s Berries Strawberries, Cabbage, Pistachios, Chile, Lime):

I forgot who first recommended us to try the Octopus at Republique (was it @CiaoBob? @J_L? @Porthos or @kevin?), but the Octopus was cooked perfectly, tender (not rubbery), lightly smoky, and when paired with Harry’s Berries’ legendary Organic Strawberries? Do you even need to ask? :smile:

Another great Salad! :heart:

Bucatini Cacio e Pepe:

I’m always looking for a great version of Cacio e Pepe, and we finally saw that Chef Manzke & crew were offering one this evening. We had to order it! :slight_smile:

The Bucatini is cooked perfect al dente, a wonderful chew to the Pasta, and with a nice burst of Black Pepper and a great balanced flavor overall. I liked it more than Felix’s version, easily. I’ll let the Pasta experts like @Novelli @PorkyBelly and others decide, but for me on this visit, Republique’s was the winner. :blush:

Mafaldine (Maine Lobster, Santa Barbara Uni):

Because this great Pasta deserves to be ordered again (and again). As flawless as the previous visit. :heart: Thanks again @PorkyBelly. If you have one Seafood Pasta to order and find yourself in the area, give the Mafaldine a try at Republique.

Cook Ranch Pork Loin, Belly & Sausage (Anson Mills Polenta, Long Beans, Oven-Dried Peaches, Whole Grain Mustard):

Unfortunately, another case where Republique’s large format proteins just aren’t worth ordering: The Cook Ranch Pork Loin, Belly & Sausage dish sounded great. But just one look at the Pork Loin above and you could tell something was wrong.

It tasted like it looked: Super dry, chalky, completely overcooked. :sob: I am not a great cook at all, but I’ve made Pork Loin that was more juicy, tender, and better tasting than this. It was downright bad. :frowning:

The Pork Belly portion was much better thankfully. But just a bit too fatty. :sweat_smile: The outer Pork Skin was crisped, but not crispy enough (but decent), and the lean portion of the Pork Belly was very good. But we had some phenomenal Roasted Pork recently that just made this taste like fast food in comparison.

Boudin Noir:

The Boudin Noir (Blood Sausage) that came with it was quite tender and flavorful, and (sadly) much better than the Pork Loin.

The Cook Ranch Sausage was nice and zesty, somewhat tender, a touch dry, but generally moist.

The Anson Mills Polenta and Corn side that came with it was probably the best part of this dish, creamy, lightly sweet and just pleasing with every bite.

Beef Short Rib (Applewood-Smoked Bacon, Roasted Carrots, Potato Mousseline, Maui Onion Sabayon):

Thankfully their Beef Short Rib righted the ship, delivering this amazing, slow-roasted, tender, almost melt-in-your-mouth bite of Short Rib goodness. :heart:

It just delivered that hearty, slow, home-cooked taste that’s made with care. Definitely the best of the main meat dishes that we’ve tried recently.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake:

As rich and decadent as before. :slight_smile:

Trio of Ice Creams - Vanilla, Pistachio-Raspberry, Black Sesame:

Because our friends wanted some Ice Cream, even though we offered to drive them to Bulgarini after this. :stuck_out_tongue: They were fine, but really tame. @paranoidgarliclover definitely skip the Black Sesame Ice Cream here (Shunji’s Black Sesame Ice Cream is much better and has a strong Black Sesame flavor). :slight_smile:

Service has been pretty casual in the 15 or so visits to Republique. Some servers have been more attentive than others, but it’s a very laid back “L.A.” type of service. As noted before (with @Porthos’ thread), the one downside to Republique is the price for dinner: It’s definitely on the pricey side, with many visits averaging about $100 per person.

Republique continues to be one of these dependable, excellent, elevated, but not too elevated restaurants that represents some of L.A.'s best cooking (at times). Stick with their Appetizers, Housemade Charcuterie, amazing Salads, and Pastas and you’ll be having some of the best dishes L.A. has to offer in those categories. Republique also has that lively, dynamic atmosphere that just adds to the fun over dinner. :slight_smile:

624 South La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: (310) 362-6115


At least he didn’t delete it post haste. :wink::grin::wink:


Porkympressions seem to be lacking.

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The pan drippings are pretty good. I like to alternate between that and the delicious butter…it allows me to enjoy more of the delightful bread. They mix together all the pan drippings from all of their roasted meats…you get a lot of beef, wine, and herbs.


It’s offered but you need to let them know in advance. Tell them your preferences and price range and they’ll create a tasting menu for you.

But if I had to do it again I would just order alc and get exactly what I want. Almost all the items we got were on the regular menu anyway.


thanks @attran99. those eggs on eggs are delicious, but they’re only served at dinner.

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Damn…I need to make 2 different trips. I’d love to take a shot at the pastry counter for breakfast/brunch, too.

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pastry counter is still going strong @ lunch if you get there later on a weekday. We had a work dept. lunch there last week and all items in the pastry case looked amazing. but I had to force myself to look away and focus on a savory lunch.

I got the pork Bahn mi—I would say this was a tasty Bahn mi-ish sandwich. nice smokey flavor on the pork (different technique than a traditional roast pork Bahn mi) with some tart slaw on the side. leaner and less fatty/crunchy than the pork belly Bahn mi @ Mendocino farms (I think I prefer the MF version for the slaw marinade and I do like a bit more fattiness w/ my pork). Nice wine by the glass. My co-workers selections looked delicious as well (the chicken salad sandwich and pasta bolognese). I was surprised by how busy it was for lunch mid-week.



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Make sure you grab a slice each of the key lime pie. Sharing would not be wise. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hot damn! That’s the husband’s favorite kind of pie. Thanks, @A5KOBE!

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In that case, may need to grab a slice to take home as well as a slice each to eat there.

Warning: they rotate pie flavors and often sell out early. Not sure you can guarantee key lime pie on your visit. I had a berry tres leches one time, it was amazing but never saw it again.

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but have they tried the lobster pasta lately?

not even close, republique.


oh you have the kind of coworkers that dont let you try their food either? :slight_smile:

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