Restaurant with vegan offerings

I’m planning a dinner out on the westside (Culver City ideally) on Thursday night for four people, one of whom is vegan. I just need a great restaurant with vegan options. I don’t want a vegan restaurant though. I’m open to any food type and it can be up to $50/pp before alcohol. Outside seating would be great, but not necessary. Any ideas?


Ruatic Canyon has some great vegan dishes.



  1. maybe more casual than you want, but Shamshiri Grill has a huge portion of their menu dedicated to their vegan offerings. they also have a patio.

  2. fwiw, i’ve never been to gjelina and gotten out of there for $50/pp. don’t know if your group is into “careful ordering” but none of my people can be relied upon to order carefully.

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Hi @deedubs,

Just thought of an alternative on West Adams (near Fairfax), so relatively close to Culver City as well, just more East: Alta Adams. They have Vegan items like Spiced Plantain Chips, Black-Eyed Pea Fritters (hold the Dipping Sauce), Arugula Salad (Watermelon, Cucumber, skip the Feta), BBQ Cauliflower “Steak” (delicious); California Gumbo; Collard Greens, Green Beans (w/ Spicy Tomato Sauce), Rice & Beans.

I posted some pics and thoughts here in this thread.

But otherwise, second the suggestions for Gjelina or Shamshiri Grill.

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by chance does anyone have any current info on this criterion? ideally restaurants in the vein of rustic canyon, bavel, etc. that have sufficient vegan options to make a meal out of (e.g. not just salads and eat-your-veggies vegetable dishes)

Maybe Post and Beam?

They have a vegan crab cake appetizer, a kale and endive salad, four different vegetarian sides and two vegetarian pizzas that they could (presumably) do vegan by leaving off the cheese.

I dunno, maybe that’s too close to “salads and eat-your-veggies.” It could be that I just really like PaB in general, so it’s an excuse to suggest it.


Gjelina might be a good option

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