Restaurants Closed

Here’s a list of restaurants that have permanently closed due to Covid 19

Tamarindo - North Park
Furiado Premium Chicken Co. - Poway
Tornado - North Park (this had been previously announced, so it’s not really a surprise)
Donovan’s Steak & Chophouse -
Iron Fist Brewing - Vista
Sol y Mar - Carmel Valey
Souplantation - all locaations
Ebisu Sushi - Hillcrest
Troy’s Family Restaurant - Clairmont

Anthony’s La Mesa was slated to close May 9th with reopening uncertain. They have reopened today for takeout and will do an 8-week trial to see if the restaurant can be made viable financially or not with all the dining restrictions in place.

Furaido closed weeks prior to all of the CV restrictions, so kind of dubious to be on Eater’s list. I heard they are/were looking for a new location as well.

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Updated list of permanently closed restauratnts

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Somehow it seems like there must be at least ten times this many restaurants that have given up hope and thrown in the towel. I suppose the only truly comprehensive, official source of closures throughout the city would be records at the various City bureaus.

But thanks. Candice’s articles are always worth reading.

Eater isn’t going to be a great repository for all closed restaurants. Their focus is not on the neighborhood places that are flying under the radar. I don’t think the main wave of closures is here yet.

I’m sorry to say that I have to agree.

I do wish, though, that there were a comprehensive list somewhere of every place – under the radar or above – that has closed forever. To be honest, I worry about the little places the most. That may be unfair to the larger and higher-end restaurants, which I love, but I love the little ones too.

Just saw the email that Jayne’s Gastropub is closing - often when we were visiting SD we visited and we will really miss this place and the owners Jayne and Jon.

I doubt the city has such a list. They wouldn’t necessarily know until inspectors visited and found a place closed, or its permits expired.

Yep, here’s confirmation

This place was the reason North Park exists as it is now. The spark. Hopefully they’ll emerge locally once more after the plague has passed over.

I would have given that honor to Urban Solace, given I live near the Upas/30th hub.

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50 Popular Restaurants That Won’t Reopen. More than a few FTC favorites. Brutal.

And with no end to the tunnel in view.


There are some big names on that list, especially for LA. The shake out has just started, I think it will, unfortunately, get worse by the end of the year


damn, just tried to go to Harvest Market in Clairemont and they are permanently closed. Big dumb banners say “Closed due to Coronavirus”

Rats. I loved that place.

At least there’s still Balboa International Market. I hope.

Is this where we are tracking the lost restaurants?

Also where does one find restaurant closure equipment sales?

Also has anyone seen a large wine fridge unit that I can’t pass up?

There’s a place close to the Citadel that’s an appliance outlet. They’ve a couple of wine storage units I wouldn’t mind having at my house. It shares the parking lot with the 511 store. It’s called US Appliance Outlet. I haven’t been in a while, so I don’t know what’s in stock now.


Ya they have one in northridge by my folks too. Will check

More or less. Mostly less.

There must be more than a hundred restaurants that have closed forever in SD alone. An obituary for each would be great, but tedious and painful after a while.