Restaurants - Delivery or Pick Up Options

Bianco Pizza delivery for one night only on the 25th, with orders closing on the 22nd. It looks like you need to buy in with a package (for 2 people) and then can add on extra pies from there—but no a la carte option for pizza.


It’s already sold out tried to order it :frowning:

Has anyone tried RunningMan yet? I did last night. I found out about them from this article.

It was game changing! They picked up from Sun Nong Dan and brought to my house on the westside! I can’t quite figure out what restaurants they work with and which they don’t, since I could not find anywhere on their FaceBook that they deliver Sun Nong Dan, but I called RunningMan and the woman who answered said they would and it would be 25$. Not cheap, but Postmates fees are so high, it might be comparable. Plus, no delivery service will go from K-Town to westla.

I did call Sun Nong Dan to make sure they would allow RunningMan to pickup my order, but the guy on the phone knew how it worked, and told me they use the last four digits of my phone number, not my name, to pickup my order. He also did not want me to place the pickup order on Postmates, and so I ordered directly on phone.

Only bummer was no tripe and intestine dish. :unamused:

Delivery was prompt. They call as they approach your house. The delivery guy left a pamphlet from, I think, RunningMan, that had a bunch of restaurant menus, some entirely in Korean, but Sun Nong Dan was not listed.

I am a very happy camper! Heating up my leftovers now!

Does anyone have a good bone-in fried chicken place in K-Town? Maybe I can get them delivered…


So the process is you call the restaurant, tell them you want delivery through Runningman, then order, and that’s that?

You have to call both. You put the order in with the restaurant, and let them know RunningMan will pick up, and then call RunningMan with time order will be ready. You might want to call RunningMan first, to make sure they have available drivers?

rm giphy


Fucking Great.