Restaurants located in motels (and hotels)

One of our favorite breakfast spots is the 101 Cafe on Franklin. We live no where near it, but whenever I’m near Hollywood for breakfast or lunch we stop in. Favorite dishes include the salmon hash and eggs, the catfish and eggs and the vegan huevos rancheros. The place is just super solid, eggs are always the way you ordered them, the potatoes are yolk sponges, the coffee is diner fine. Service is good, too and the motel lobby is worth a look. They even have a parking lot and we once saw musician Reggie Watts having breakfast. They get pretty crowded on the weekends, no one rushes anyone but table seem to turn over pretty quickly.

Another favorite breakfast spot is Siam Sunset. Even farther from where we live but we make excuses to get over to that side of town. (I usually end up spending money in Amoeba Records to justify the trip.) Favorite dishes include the Thai donuts (they run out sometimes, so don’t go too late) and the rice porridge with chicken. We always end up trying different stuff. Also, they have a parking lot and we once saw Orange Is The New Black showrunner Jenji Kohan having breakfast. Warning: cash only.

Closer to home, we hit Cafe Brazil on Washington (the one west of the 405) fairly regularly. It’s not a drive across town type spot and I’m not some expert in Brazilian cuisine so who knows if it’s authentic? … but we like it just fine. Favorite dishes include the chicken milanesa (sandwich or entree), both the lentil and black bean soups hit the spot when it’s cold, the salmon is real good – everything just feels fresh. Good portions, too.

My in-laws live in the South Bay and like to hit the different Hawaiian spots. Lately, we’ve been going to Happa more than some of the other joints. We dig the loco moco, the oyakodon, the donburi – the Japanese and Hawaiian comfort foods. Big portions.

What do these four places have in common? They’re all attached to or affiliated with motels. Weird, right? Also weird: I’ve never stayed in any of the motels.

Anyway, just for fun I decided to start a thread of places located in motels/hotels. I’ll mention two other places that I’ve been but not enough times to write much about: Metro Cafe in Culver City and Aliki’s Greek Taverna near LAX. I can say I like both, but not much more. Maybe others have more to say about them? (I’ve also been to the restaurant in the W in Westwood, but not enough times to comment much.)

For no reason at all and I guess just for fun, anyone else have any favorite spots inside motels (mostly) or maybe hotels?


I just love this thread even tho’ we’re not in LA. BTW what on earth are “vegan huevos rancheros”?!?!? :slight_smile:

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I know you’ve grown sour on Metro Cafe in Culver City, but we’ve had very enjoyable meals here. Our family was just reminiscing about how we’ve enjoyed many a meal here and how we need to revisit the place.

Nava at Soho House

Best Girl at Ace Hotel

WP24 at the Ritz-Carlton

Tuck at Tuck Hotel

Le Comptoir at Hotel Normandie

Belizean Paradise


I forgot about Belizean Paradise. Been there a bunch of times … need to go back. Thanks for the rec.