Restaurants with live music?

Looking for a dinner for 10 people at a place with music. Something like Taverna Tony’s would be great but they won’t guarantee the room where the music is.

I can’t think of many places that aren’t Russian/Armenian or Guelaguetza

any thoughts?

What kind of music and how important is the food? You looking for good food, or good enough drinking food?

Desert Rose in Los Feliz has live Jazz on Saturday nights from 7-11pm. The food isn’t going to win any awards though but it’s passable.

Palms Thai (though Thai Elvis has long since left the building, there is still live music…)

Marty & Elayne are reliable fixtures at The Dresden

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Any kind of mellow music, food not hugely important, just has to be a nice place. Like at least Taverna Tony’s nice. Thinking about Sofi now

Bandera has live jazz nightly. Ingo’s Tasty Diner has live jazz on Sundays. Casa del Mar’s Terrazza also has live music nightly, and can be heard at Catch, too.

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Last night Ladyface Ale had a jazz combo on the deck. Not sure if its a regular Sunday night thing.

what night of the week and what areas of town?

Pez Cantina


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Pips on Labrea

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Perch DTLA. Music primarily jazz oriented, tho’ varies, depending on day of the week, time of day, etc. Check their calendar. 21 and over after 9 pm. Nice view from the 15th/16th floor.

The lobby bar at the Terranea had a really great duo on Saturday night. Played mostly rock, Van Morrison, Rolling Stones. There was a large group of twelve or so who were drinking and some were eating. The menu was small but you could definitely get a dinner out of it. Not sure how you reserve that though. There is also a Biergarten next to Nelson’s on the property with a live band. Very casual with a limited menu. I found the food at the Terranea to be decent to very good so it seems a fair compromise given the views and atmosphere if you’re willing to drive out there.

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Isn’t the Terranea owned by the Trump Organization?

Gah! I hope not! The Trump Golf Course is practically next door, but I don’t think they are owned by the same entities. And we saw no reference to the golf course during our stay.

Saturdays anywhere. But not really a jazz crowd, moms needs something more worldly i think, so greek is likely the move

We’ve had some fun celebrations here.

damn. looks perfect… but no rezzy avail

It is not, thankfully. Terranea is owned by Lowe Enterprises.

hard to find a place with live music for dinner that’s not either jazz related or ethnic influenced. you already mentioned guelaguetza.

the barkley in south pasadena has music on saturday night that varies but typically is jazz related. the exception is first saturdays when there’s a beatles tribute band which i avoid. they also have one large table next to the band that will accommodate 10 people, i’d recommend reserving it.

the tap room at the langham (in pasadena) typically has soul/R&B starting at 9pm, but you’d have to take that group of 10 and split them into two groups into 2 booths on the patio outside. at the risk of creating competition for the space, i like to schlep over there and light up a cigar on the lower patio on a friday or saturday night. drinks are a bit pricey (as will be the food, BTW). but it’s a nice space.

that’s all i got given the restrictions.

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no issues with ethnic. thanks for trying