Review: Carnitas El Momo in Boyle Heights serves pork in its most perfect form

the aporkalypse is here


A well deserved write up from Bill Addison.

As for the tacos, a squeeze of lime is the way to go with the mixtas. An order mulitas at Carnitas El Momo is also a must with some of the crisped up and caramelized cheese offering yet another layer of complexity.


don’t be shy about asking for extra tortillas. and bring a fork. i’m contemplating going there for lunch in about 10 minutes.

I must say that their store bought tortillas is the one weakness they have. BYOT?

Billy told me the move to do is to squeeze the jalapeño juices on top of the carnitas. Not sure if it’s a Acosta Family thing or Guanajuato thing

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i did it without thinking. it just made sense. nibble off the tip and let it drain. i ate one taco before it even occurred to me to take a pic about a half hour ago.

halal/kosher observers are clearly missing out.


Brought 3 coworkers along during lunch to support Carnitas El Momo. When I talked to them, they didn’t even know about Bill Addison or the LA Times article, but I overheard many first timers there because of what they read.

Buche & Carnitas Taco

Mixed (Buche, Carntias, Cueritos) Mulita


That quesadilla is NSFW

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It’s a mulita! Basically, 2 corn tortillas are used instead of one giant flour tortilla folded in half.

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Think we ran into you—and took a pic of your mulita to remind myself to order that. Didn’t plan on going today at all but the article did spur us to go before the crowds hit it. Loved the vampiro.


tomato tomato
potato potato

Thanks for the clarification. It still looks amazing. Wasn’t it weird that you just pronounced the same word differently twice.

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Ha! What do ya know? Cute baby but the baby didn’t seem to like salsa though! :wink:

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i was done by noon today.

i even joined instagram today just to follow C E M’s daily instagram to find out where they are. i used to go only on fridays.

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The Migajas Taco is one of the best tacos in LA.
The mixto is good but the Migajas is on another level. One of the best pork dishes, period.

I’ll have to try the mulitas next time

I really wish Billy would consider doing handmade tortillas. It’s not my place though when I am eating there to suggest it.

what is in the migajas taco?

made from pork stuck on the bottom of the copper pan while cooking


oh interesting! I will have to check that out next time we go.

NYC’s lucky to have em! Coming in October.

@JeetKuneBao get your fix.