RIP Bully's North

Well it looks like one of SD’s old school restaurants is soon to be going the way of the dodo bird. The family of Bully’s North wants to sell the property to the Hillstone Group. They own the Houston’s and Bandera’s chains. While not terrible restaurants, I guess I am a little sad that another local and yes, quirky restaurant is closing. This all depends on Del Mar approving the plan for the new space. So this is not final by any means, especially if you know the politics in Del Mar. However, if you have a hunger for some prime rib, I’d suggest you get to Bully’s sooner rather than later.

Wow. .
Knowing a little bit of Del Mar politics, they are very liberal but usually shun the corporate franchised groups.
I could see a Hillstone or a Houston’s where Bully’s Del Mar is at but you’ve to get it pass the DMDG and most importantly, the citizens of Del Mar.
Wishing them luck and sad about my beloved Bully’s Del Mar…had a lot of good times there for many decades!