Ripening Tomatoes

I often need to harvest green tomatoes, so I’ve been ripening them in a brown paper bag or wrapped in newspaper. It works pretty well, but it takes such a long time that the tomatoes lose liquid and get wrinkly. Do you have a better method?

Why do you need to harvest them green?

Some of my tomato plants are at our weekend house, and we go up there only every two or three weeks. So a tomato that’s green on one visit might be rotten or gone - thanks, deer! - next time. That SFGate method is what I do, minus the banana. I feel like I used a banana once and it didn’t make a difference, but I’ll try it again.

The riper the banana, the more ethylene gas it emits.

Yes. There’s usually a ripe tomato in there with the green ones, which I figured was enough ethylene. Guess not.