Rollerville Cafe, Point Arena, CA

On our last road trip with the dogs, we stopped twice at Rollerville Cafe. Point Arena has really grown in the last few years, adding shops and restaurants. It’s around a 30 minute drive from Sea Ranch, were we usually stay.

They have wine and some local craft beers. The first day we went is rained.

We ordered this frickles - fried pickles - highly addictive!!!

We ordered onion rings. Husband got fish n chips and I got captains platter. We should have just split one dish, as it was way too much food!

We stopped by for breakfast on our way up to Trinidad. My husband really wanted to try their biscuits and sausage gravy. They have good strong coffee, too!

We laughed when his place arrived - it was a half portion! I got the chicken fried steak - yummy!

Both times we were there, it was cold and rainy, but they do have an outdoor seating area where they might allow dogs - but I’d call to ask first.


I love the north coast .


Me, too! I think it to be one of the most beautiful places on earth! With good beer and wine!