Rome: Very Good, Moderately Priced, Trattoria Colli Emiliani

I have been to Trattoria Colli Emiliani a half dozen times over the years, and always found it to be very good. It is a nice working class family restaurant in a working class neighborhood on the north side of the Termini. I was there in a group of five in June and the bill including wine and water was 111euros. Everyone had a pasta but not everyone had a secondi. They have an English menu and another one online at But I suggest you learn restaurant menu Italian or get a dictionary because there are more and different dishes on the Italian menu. But don’t think you know more than you do. My wife once ordered Lampredotto and was sure it was eel. When it arrived it was book tripe, which I have only seen in Mexican markets in the US. I know I will be back again. Lunch and Dinner, Closed Sunday.
Via Tiburtina, 70
00185 Rome

The menu looks great. Funny name for a hardcore Roman place.

Thursday housemade gnocchi, Friday pasta e ceci and spaghetti with mussels and clams, Saturday tripe.

​I think that the family came from the north. But the food is ​not in the
style of Emilia-Romagna. I was in Emilia-Romagna for 2 weeks in May and
June, and have been there many times as we have friends there.

If I am trying to avoid something over time I will write reviews for some
of the places where we ate in May, June and the beginning of July. The last
time we were in Puglia was about 25 years ago and it has really changed
(for the worse) You can hardly find the old town for all the new tall
apartment buildings and offices. Otranto was just as bad. When we first
went to the cathedral to see the bones of the 813 martyrs we were the only
ones in the cathedral. This time there were 35 people in the small chapel
where they are. My feeling is to only go to unknown old places now.

This is the view from the top wall of the 13th century castle/fortress:

The weeds are growing out of the top of the wall of the fortress.
Guess they have no design review.

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