Ronan = Sotto Redux?

It is not a perfect comparison but Ronan is definately Sotto-esque.
Full bar, Neapolitan wood burning pizza oven, a highly respected hunk of pork.
Sadly, no pasta or Southern focus…but it is a balm to those of us who loved Sotto.
Went last night

Sardine Toast with Pistachio Butter (AMAZING)

Sprouting Broccoli with Spicy honey agrodolce, mint, and pickled chili. (very good and quite spicy)

Grilled Chicken Parm - very tasty (not fried, the crunch comes from a topping of toasted cheese). I wanted the Pork Chop animal style.
No Picture…dove into it too fast I guess.

Special - Calzone with steak and “french dip” - really, really good.


This place sounds terrific. Al pastor pizza, anyone?

PSA: I am 95% sure that was not on the menu last night — if you are going to go just for that you might want to call first.

I’m going to get the Potato Face.

I really like how cute the menu is. Finally some humor in the wood fire pizza game.

Did you get a pizza?

We almost got that (with bottarga) - actually we ordered it, then saw the calzone being delivered to another table and changed up (no one told us about the calzone, a non-menu item last night).

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I really like Ronan, and I think the bar program is particularly noteworthy.

Also, similarities to Sotto are not incidental - the three owners met working at Sotto a few years ago.

Now that you mention the bar I had a couple of perfectly balanced Manhattan’s.

Yeah, we went last fall (have been out of LA since) and thoroughly enjoyed both the pizzas and the drinks. Would definitely return.

any other reports on the pizza?

Going tonight. Cant wait. How did the pork chop compare to Sotto?

Very good. The pizza was very Sotto. Didnt realize we ordered one with honey. It was very good but I am not a huge honey on pizza fan. The sea bass was fantastic and the pork chop was very good. Fennel crusted but a bit different than Sotto. It would be impossible to serve a smaller drink without a thimble however. Still, as close to Sotto as you are going to find and pretty reasonably priced.


glad you liked it.
What drink?
I have had several well-made (and proportioned) drinks (though, I was sitting at the bar, not a table).

50% off bottles of rosé now through April 20th

Tequila on the rocks

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wood-fired sourdough

marinated anchovies
these tasted like they were marinated in vinegar, reminded of kohada.

burrata, calabrian chili, garlic conserva, smoked salt
didn’t need the overpowering chili, really liked the garlic conserva to make your own garlic, burrata and anchovy toast. vampires and @Bookwich stay away.

wellington carpaccio - prime dry aged beef, house puff pastry, duxelles creme, wild arugula
this could have been great, unfortunately the beef was tough.

“the philippe” - french dip calzone, rare roast beef, french onion soup, hot mustard
Agree with @CiaoBob, this was great with the crispy crust, tender meat, melty cheese and sweet and spicy french onion dip and mustard. Come for the pizza, stay for the calzone. 14 inch chef’s knife for scale.

wood-fired cheesecake, passionfruit au natural


The cheesecake and calzone look way over charred to even serve. What am I missing here?

I love the color and contrast in your photos! Just lovely, @PorkyBelly!

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Me too - that thing is great.
Billy Addy loved it too

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i liked the calzone and the burnt cheesecake, the wood fire sourdough was too burnt in my opinion.

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