Roujiamo / rougamo

Just found out about these Chinese sandwiches called roujiamo/rougamo and I was wondering if there are any places in Los Angeles or Orange County that sell them!

Here’s an example of the kind I’m looking for (the flaky kind!):


Hi. Shaanxi Garden in San Gabriel has pork and lamb versions.

There are some photos of them on Yelp:


I took a look at the pictures and they don’t seem to have the flaky “buns”…

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The ones I’ve had weren’t flaky, they were similar to Majordomo’s bings except thicker and smaller.

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There used to be a small fast food chain in the 605 corridor that specialized in such sandwiches but I believe they disappeared. Can’t even remember their name. I know, not much help.

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There’s also Hu Jiao Bing which seem to be a bit similar. They’re Taiwanese: Hujiao bing - Wikipedia. They are baked but perhaps not as flaky as those in your picture.

I believe Qin West also has this item. It was more crumbly than flaky but I haven’t had it in some time

I tried it once at Dun Huang in Rowland Heights. Ordered by someone else, but I think it was the Pork Pita Burger with Garlic and Green Pepper. Super garlicky, even for someone that loves garlic. They also have beef, lamb, and pork without garlic. Unfortunately, I don’t think the bun style matches what you want.

I guess I might have to settle for a non-flaky version.

Common enough that I don’t make a special note of who has these and whether it’s flaky… Met Qin Noodle, Xian in Rowland Heights and Noodle Art in Monterey Park immediately come to mind.

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We did have one place for a short while with the flakey type bun… Qinjaimo in Diamond Bar (Tried when I went to Tasty Box once… it was really good!). Sadly they closed…

From Yelp:


Oh no, thats such a shame! It looks exactly like what I was looking for :frowning:

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I went there too, it was damn good and always made fresh. The noodle soups were tasty as well. But every time we went it was pretty slow.

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It opened during the pandemic. It was hard to compete with Tasty Box and then Tasty Box Dim Sum… From the signage it appeared to be a Chinese Chain…but I don’t know how to search for that to have hopes it would open elsewhere. It would KILL here by USC or in Pasadena… KILL.

the buns look more like yin-si juan (silver thread rolls) or such that you’d find in a shanghai place. I’ve never seen this kind of bun in xi’an.
usually it’s more of a slightly think yeast or unleavened bun.
there’s a very good place on Garvey
CHinese name Xi’an Shou gong mian (xi’an hand worked noodles) - english name wenhui noodle garvey in Monterey park.

PIc here of menu with a pic of their roujia mo
Photos for Wen Hui Noodle Hours (

Here is a link to xi’an roujiamo in xi’an
Top Rou Jia Mo Restaurants in Xi’an, Where to Eat Shaanxi Sandwiches (

I’m sure the flaky bun is delicious. But it’s sort of like looking for chicago deep dish in Naples. Maybe you’ll find it. But the other buns are traditional for Shaanxi province.


Wen Hui’s looks legit.

Pork roujiamo ("Chinese hamburger")


Thanks for the info! I guess I’ll have to settle for the more traditional bun. The one at Wen Hui does look delicious!