Salt & Straw - Best Ice Cream in LA


All good. I remember CH people warning of the variable hours. I’ve been to Bulgarian 4x between Altadena and Culver City (God rest her soul) but I wanted to get the pistachio before the season runs out. Oh well. It wasn’t meant to be.


Such a bummer that Culver location closed right as I moved to LA (westside). And I haven’t made the trip out to the Altadena location yet, although it seems like it’d be worth it.


Consider yourself fortunate.

The Culver City location was (and is) not even a shadow of the OG store in Altadena.


Dang. What happened?


Leo can’t be at both places at once.

And the first-born is always the favorite child. No matter what the parent may say, or think.


The 3-4 times I went to the Culver City location there were very few people in the store. One time we were the only patrons. We were not there at odd hours. It was either the weekend with the kids or after dinner. I was not surprised when he closed down the location.

Would somebody please open up a good ice cream store in the OC? Scoops in Santa Ana is a nice start but there is plenty of room for others.


Hans’ is pretty good at Anaheim Packing District.

For gelato, Dolce and Paradiso does well enough.


I’ve had Han’s both near South Coast and at Packing. There is something about the texture that is off putting. It’s not terrible but not somewhere I’d drive to specifically for their ice cream. Reminds me a little bit of Swensen’s from back in the day.


Haven’t yet tried it (I know I’m lagging) but ST Patisserie now serves gelato. I just can’t seem to get away from their pastries though.


Good to know. I have a reason to be out that way in a week or so. I guess I’ll be running by there on my way home.


Carrot Cake at Sweet Rose on Pico. What? And Honey Lavender? Yuuu-um!


Damn, that looks good! I can’t wait until Kyoho grape and Rose geranium (two separate flavors) are back in season.

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People are going to hate on me for this but I’ve never really understood or enjoyed lavender in ice cream.

In soap and lotion, sure. Desserts? No.

Maybe I should just ease off on using those L’Occitane bath products from hotels.


Speaking of ice cream.

I’d really be interested in Umeboshi ice cream.

Any leads? Aside from a direct flight on JAL to Haneda?


i went to the culver city location twice.
the first time it was HORRIBLE
the second time it was sublime.

those two experiences did not motivate me to make it my business to go out of my way to spend a lot of money on a small portion that only had a 50/50 chance of being good.


It may be somewhat akin to cilantro in that usually one either loves it, or hates it. And those that hate it do so because the “reminds me of soap,” or just that fact that lavender IS strongly associated with toiletry.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed it with certain herbs, citrus, and in this case, honey. Lemon lavender pound cake with a scoop of vanilla and a drizzle of honey and a mint garnish is really entertaining to my senses.


I’ve never seen umeboshi ice cream. That sour saltiness with ice cream, it could be interesting. Maybe the folks at Kansha Creamery would be willing to experiment? Shiho Yoshikawa of Sweet Rose Creamery might be another person to contact. At her Tortoise General Store pop-up, she experimented with lots of Japanese ingredients.

@bulavinaka, I like lavender quite a bit, but it can be hard to balance that flavor because it’s so pungent. That said, I liked the honey lavender ice cream from Salt & Straw.

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Neither have I.

And I, too, would think it would be very intriguing.

We’ve done sweet and savory too death (thank you “Salted Caramel”).

Perhaps it’s time to move to the next shark to try and jump.


Okay, bring on the sour ice cream. I do know that they have sakura ice cream in Japan. Sometimes it has bits of pickled sakura leaves - just like sakura mochi. It sounds pretty refreshing and a nice contrast to the sweetness.


OddFellows in NYC had Miso Sour Cherry as a flavor last summer.

Not my first choice, but not something I would turn down if offered.

But, then, who am I kidding. I would eat ice cream labeled “day-old unwashed jockstrap”. Happily, and eagerly.

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