Salt & Straw - Best Ice Cream in LA


Eww, I wouldn’t eat ice cream labeled “one-day unwashed jockstrap.” However, I would eat cheese with that aromatic description, but then again I don’t mind the smell of natto.

Forgot to mention that Sweet Rose Creamery did a miso caramel flavor at their Tortoise General Store pop-up during the summer.


Natto durian ice cream anyone?


Might as well add asafoetida to your pungent concoction!


Nah, that would be gross.

On a serious note, I’m actually a pretty big fan of asafoetida (or hing). To me it’s a bit like saffron – a little goes a long way.

It’s fantastic on roasted cauliflower. Heat up some EVOO, add a pinch of hing, then coat the cauliflower with the oil. Uber good.

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What about corn and cheese ice cream? Surprisingly tasty and odd at the same time.


Elote ice cream?


It def had prominent corn flavor and cheese was background.


nothing wrong with hing


True - I use it in my Indian food; it adds depth of flavor. I was just joking about smelly ingredients.


hungryhuhgryhippos, fwiw:
the line at salt and straw tonight was out the door and halfway up the block.

can’t comment on its sweetness.
my seat at gjelina was ready before i got to the front of the line at salt and straw.
gjelina is a known quantity. i was not about to sacrifice that seat.


Nobody else making trips to Enjoeat for gelato? Tend toward the sweet side but the nut and fruit varieties have the intensity of essential flavor I associate with good Italian gelato. Grapefruit and pistachio especially.


About QPR? I walked into the SaMo one, ready to try… Until I noticed that it seemed more expensive than Sweet Rose Creamery…


The vanilla bean is really good. I would definitely go back for it. In fact, I have a few times. FWIW, I don’t stray off the beaten path too often when it comes to ice cream flavors. It is usually vanilla or pistachio for a change up.

I think the prices are more because they do the whole ice cream, a la minute with nitroglycerin. IMHO, the nitroglycerin ice cream is worth it if it is done right.

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You mean liquid nitrogen?

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Yeah, that stuff. :joy:


For a place that’s new to me, I normally try to stick w/ the basic flavors, too (b/c, IMHO, if you can’t get that right, I can’t imgine you’re going to get the more creative stuff right, either). My go-to flavor is normally chocolate chip. :slight_smile: Will give it a try next time I’m in the area (which is pretty often…).


Been hitting a bunch of the newer places since the thread started. My verdict on the current best “Tier 1 (consistency, texture, flavor intensity)” gelato/ice cream joints in no particular order

Salt and Straw
Sweet Rose (just scrapes by into the group)

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Lucky you. Great list - I think that would probably be my top 5 as well (maybe Carmela instead of McC). Have you tried Jenis? I haven’t and others have said its very good.


I haven’t tried Jeni’s yet, I thought they were closed due to some health dept. issues. last year? McConnell’s was a bit of a surprise for me … just a very consistent creamy texture and flavors are well pronounced too.


Ahh reread earlier postings, looks like Jeni’s is open again… will have to check them out soon.