Salt & Straw - Best Ice Cream in LA


How come? Where you expecting it to be better/worse than it actually is?


I’m not Sgee, but I have tried Jeni’s.

To me, the ice cream while texturally interesting, the flavor is off. The cream cheese and the cornstarch ruin it for me.


Are these ingredients in every flavor of ice cream? Cream cheese is ice cream sounds interesting.


Did not expect to like it as much given the larger production scale relative to the others (except Grom).


It’s part of the Jeni’s ice cream base.


Squid ink ice cream, from NamjaTown in Tokyo…


that looks like it has many uses, none of them being food.


Argh - spit up my morning coffee. How was it?


Next up, balut gelato.


Can we assume this is where you’ve been for the past few wks? :slight_smile:

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That ice cream is so black the LAPD wants to arrest it. #blackicecreammatter


In Asia on business. Will try to post some foodiness later.


Adding to the list : Quenelle in Burbank.

at $4.25 for a regular (2 flavors) it’s actually very good QPR.

I tried the Pandan palm sugar caramel and the chocolate.

The pandan was a bright green, but didn’t taste like much but sugar. Even the caramel wasn’t quite caramelized enough to make it stick out as something other than ‘sweet’. The chocolate, though, was quite nice. They had several other very interesting looking flavors (including some w/ booze for those of you that like that sort of thing). Next time I’ll want to try the vanilla marscapone.

On Magnolia. I don’t know if it’s destination worthy, but if you’re in the area, it beats the heck out of Baskin Robbins.


First impression of Jeni’s (Wildberry Lavender & Luxardo Cherries) - creative and intense flavors, you definitely know what you are having. Some tiny-tiny bits of ice, didn’t mind the texture. Negative - probably one of the sweetest ice-creams I’ve encountered.

I think it’s quite good, not sure if it’s makes it to the top tier yet. I’ll have to make another stop soon.


Had the fresh tangerine at Sweet Rose and it’s wonderful…


Yea I’d say this is destination worthy. They also have a apple pie a la mode bar that’s basically $5 worth of crack.

Blueberry pie X strawberry shortcake with graham cracker streusel.

The nice people at Quenelle also don’t take tips. If you must give them $$ they will donate to their church.


i’m with ns. quenelle is definitely worth going to.


I also like the Lavender Honey more at Sweet Rose, much stronger Lavender flavor…

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It’s too bad Quenelle no longer offers alfajor.

Good shave ice too.


Anyone tried the new joint, Van Leeuwen in Culver City?