Samosa House: now on Main St. in Santa Monica

In what was formerly the Rawvolution space on the corner of Main and Strand, Samosa House is great addition to the neighborhood. I’m chowing down on a to-go order of their combo plate (3 mains, rice, naan), which is enough food for at least two meals for me. $9.59.

I hadn’t been to a Samosa House before; so, for the benefit of other newcomers to their food: it’s served cafeteria style. You can get samples. Your naan (garlic or plain) is prepared while you wait (a few minutes), so it is warm and faaabulous…

The interior is perfect for a calm respite from hectic Main St…very mellow vibe, lots of windows to enjoy the passing parade of humanity, and not overly bright / overly lit – very soothing on the eyes and senses.

And super nice folks running the place.

I’m by no stretch an expert on their food, but everything I got was delicious, had beautiful and varied textures and flavors, and sits really well in my belly.

So far, it seems to be somewhat off the radar, so at lunchtime today there was no line and lots of seating.


if you haven’t tried it yet, give their jackfruit a try


The jackfruit was the highlight of the combo plate – the texture is so interesting!

Do you have any other recs?

the jackfruit and dal are my favorites.

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Try the cauliflower paratha. I like to get that plus a small entree, rather than the combo plates.

Also, the cauliflower pakoras, though they seem to be better at the original Washington Blvd. spot (with the store) than the other locations.

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I’ll try the pakoras next time for sure. And like you do, maybe get a small entree to go with it, for better “portion control” – the combo plate is a lot of food for me, and it’s hard to resist eating too much of it in one sitting.

BTW, any intel on the samosas? I’m assuming since it’s their namesake dish, it’s decently good, but I’m a samosa newbie here.

Serviceable samosa, but I’ve had better.


Feel free to disagree with her, but she does make a case for them:

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I used to eat six at a sitting myself. Washed it down with their mango lassi.