San Gabriel's Tasty Noodle House (Unrelated To The Chain of the Same Name) Closes

The Tasty Noodle House which had occupied the space at 827 W. Las Tunas in San Gabriel for many years has closed. I believe it was the last existing restaurant serving Dalian style Chinese food in the LA area. Tasty Noodle House San Gabriel was confusing since it shared the same name as Tasty Noodle House in Hacienda Heights, which went on to form the empire with outposts all over the LA area. This was particularly confusing since in the SGV, Tasty Noodle House in San Gabriel had a wider following than Tasty Noodle House in Hacienda Heights. However the two restaurants have different Chinese names, and the Tasty Noodle House chain never claimed to have a San Gabriel location.

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