San Juan, Puerto Rico - Family friendly dining


Heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico for about 1 day before we hop on a cruise ship. We’re staying downtown (close to the airport and the cruise terminal). We’re traveling with our kids (young teens - preteens), my Dad, his mother, and his aunt…so basically teenagers and senior citizens. Any suggestions for a couple of lunches and dinner that would be comfortable for all?
My immediate family is pretty easy to please…we eat pretty much anything…my Dad, too…it’s the other two that may be picky (think traditional senior citizen American appetites). Any suggestions for some cool, local places we can go where everyone can be comfortable? Or do I have to ditch my in-laws in order to get in some good eats? Since we’re footing the bill for this entire vacation, the budget is going to have to no more $20-25 per person not including alcohol and tax and tip…less would be appreciated.