Sandwich/Salad for Hollywood Bowl

We usually get Mendocino Farms sandwiches/salads for H.Bowl and my family loves their stuff.
Can anyone recommend a comparable place for sandwiches/salads to go.
Gjusta or Bay Cities would have been my choice, but hard to get to/from Venice/SM and then to H.Bowl.
Something around Westwood/Beverly Hills/West Hollywood would be best.

Oaks Gourmet on Franklin.

Joans On Third.

That French Market at the Grove

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Here are a few suggestions –
Sack Sandwiches (I haven’t been since they changed the name from Ink Sack but remember liking it).
All About The Bread (they went heavy on the mayo on mine, but other than that i really liked it)
Vine Street Deli
Sunset Deli (i’ve never been but would like to try it sometime)

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The bocatas are fantastic, and perfect for a night at the Bowl.

The cold fried chicken sandwich at Sack has been my ur-bowl food for the last couple of seasons. Inexpensive and only gets better sitting around for a few hours. House-fried Old Bay chips go really well with it.

BCN looks great!
Do you think the food will stay intact for a couple of hours it will take to get to the bowl?

Wally’s Cheese Box on Westwood.

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(And, how do I know, you ask? Good question. Here’s a good answer: “Done it myself.”)

Ssshhhh! It is a secret…

The sandwiches made to order at the Sprouts on Westwood Blvd. north of Santa Monica Blvd. are well-made, pretty big, and a huge bargain at $3.99 (or $4.49 w/ cheese). While they are being made you can select some nice grapes and strawberries and other fruit.

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The problem is their sandwich meats. Boar’s Head is like Rolex watches for people who don’t understand timepieces.

Nate n Al’s

That is my Hollywood Bowl go to as well! And their bulk gummy bears are the best I’ve tried anywhere. You can get as many or few as you want.

I owe them an amends.