Sawtelle This Sunday

Hey, all. It’s my birthday Sunday. I am getting a group of six together and doing an escape room in West LA. It is sort of spitting distance to Sawtelle, so the thought of grabbing a bite afterwards is appealing. Tsujita is the first thing that comes to mind, but there will be a guest that does not partake in red-ish meat sorts of things. Also want to keep the price point as egalitarian as possible. Any thoughts (including “Just go to Tsujita”) would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Maybe Plan Check

I thought of that. But I live walking distance from the one on Fairfax. Having said that, I pretty much would never say no to a Blueprint burger

Lots of space, and non-ramen options, at Shin Sen Gumi
Probably not as good as Tsujita but more options and comfort.

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plan check
ohana burger
popcorn chicken


Has a yummy veggie burger, BTW.

Butcher’s Dog?

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Happy Birthday! You get final say in where to go, I assume?

Criteria: Sawtelle area, party of 6, on a Sunday night, middle-of-the-road price point, varied offerings.

Here are my picks (north to south):

Plan Check (2nd tier option IMHO, but it’s there)
Bar Hayama
Sonoritas Prime Tacos
Ohana Burger
Kimukatsu (kickass ramen, by the way)

BangBang after with:

(my silence on a few places should be noted…)

By the way, pork is a white meat.

Feliz cumple.

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plancheck sucks besides it’s bar program 100% srs

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If it’s not raining Bar Hayama has a great patio!

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I’ve had some seriously good times at Nanbakan.


Ha! Of course, inquiring minds want to know!

Well, you and I both know this to be true! LOL

Good pistachio horchata.

(to quote a very well regarded FTC’er, “my silence on other menu options should be noted”)

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Butcher’s Dog has the space and an excellent beer menu, but the food leaves a lot to be desired. I’d go there for a drink then someplace else for dinner.

What have you had there? I’ve only been a few times. I find the food (flatbread and fish n chips) to be respectable and largely inoffensive (which might work for the OP, if he/she has some eaters who are not adventerous). And, as you said, the space works very well (although 6 is not a large group).

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Nanbankan is across the street from the escape room:

I think we have a winner…

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I’ve had the burger (decent), a fried-chicken sandwich (meh), and tried a fried-shrimp special (ew). Maybe “a lot to be desired” is too strong. I guess you could do worse. I’d just rather go someplace a little better for my birthday dinner.

PS: Nanbankan is a great choice. Just glad they’re still in business after years being hidden behind that awful construction project.

[crickets chirping…]

That was @paranoidgarliclover who asked about Butcher’s Dog. My opinion on the matter is pretty clear. :wink:

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Sorry - I thought I was replying to paranoid. Software miscommunication. Your view on the matter mirrors mine. :slight_smile:

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Fair enough.

I haven’t had the same items (I stick to the fish n chips, usually), so perhaps I’ve been lucky… :slight_smile: