Scoops or Van leeuwen

Hmmm… I rarely eat ice-cream, and when I do it’s usually because the edibles are kicking in and I really, really want some (two or three bites will do it).

So my opinion may be suspect. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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See kids, that’s why we shouldn’t do drugs. :wink:

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That was me that was serving you :slight_smile:

Keep dreamin’, buddy… :wink:

RIP in peace

This area sucks… bunch of fake ass sugar hating health fucks around here lol!.

Neveaux, Carmela, Sweet Rose all gone.

If I’m not getting gelato/sorbetto from Leo, I’m getting deliveries from Be Happy Ice Cream (IG). London Fog (vanilla earl grey), Black Sesame, Orange Vanilla Creamsicle, Honeydew, Cotton Candy, Cookies & Cream, Dragonfruit & Friends, and Peanut Butter & Mixed Berry Jam are some favorites of ours. $10 a pint including delivery to your doorstep. Payment via VenMo.


Are they sold out for May? This isn’t really how I like to consume ice cream lol

I know. It’s untraditional. But you order via IG DMs, pay via VenMo, and they deliver to your door. It’s not a bad deal. Follow them on IG. They post their announcements once a week…I think. People take the order announcements seriously. The last couple of offerings sold out within the first 24 hours.

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I did. I’m saying it’s sold out for May and then in June they have a bunch of vegan schwagg coming out. Ordering ice cream isn’t lottery. I’m good with a bucket of Tillamook for $5 I guess lol.

Just funning. I do appreciate and will continue to watch them for announcements

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The next order date for Be Happy Ice Cream is 5/27 and they’re going to announce new flavors. Deliveries will be for 6/3 or 6/4

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