Seared ahi tuna

It’s my “birthday week” so I’m treating us to some seared ahi tonight. Found this on CH from @ipsedixit . Any reason to deviate from this. Seems like a super idea.

“When I want something screaming hot, I place my cast iron pan under the broiler (fitted on an inverted baking dish so it’s closer to the heat source). Then take it out and put it on the stovetop for searing, or grilling.”

I heat my cast iron by putting it on my pizza stone at the bottom of the oven.

I don’t think it matters how you heat it, other than to get it searingly hot; stovetop, oven, campfire, it all works.

Or just use a crème brûlée torch.

Quicker, and more energy efficient.

No kitchen torch? No problem!

So you’ve changed your technique. Cool. I love change.

HA! Well, we wound up eating it raw. Another time. Thanks anyway.

A review of said ahi prepared using methode d’antiperspirant (as illustrated in the photo):

“The texture was flawless - perfect searing on the outside, while the juicy density of the meat inside shined. But as for flavor, I felt the innate briny taste of the fish was somewhat marred by the ever-so-present artificial fragrance of the underarm preparation. It was, in essence, so Axe-forward…”

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That’s why you use Aqua-Net.



LOL. . .the blue can for the blue hairs.