Seattle - Wataru

We sat with a young couple at dim sum this morning who clearly know their way around food. They HIGHLY recommended this place. Along the lines of “the best.” They source their specific fishes from specific places. Etc. We won’t have time for it this trip but may bite the bullet and have it one day :slight_smile:

I tried it at the Chef’s table couple months back. Overall it is quite good, particularly for North America. Unfortunately I wasn’t blown away by any of the many pieces served. Good amount of the fish is brought in - and it shows. There is a good reliance on aburi. I also found that the number of pieces served was way, way too much. Towards the end, it’s just tiring. Uni served was from Maine. The tamago at the end - nice thought, but I was surprised the chef would serve that.

Given the out of the way location in a residential area, it might not be worth going all the way there if you’re staying downtown.

Thanks. I’m completely ignorant on this subject but had wanted to share.

Regarding the location, I had to chuckle. We’re to the north, just two blocks inside the city limits so we have to go south to Ravena.

Oh absolutely it is one of the top omakasei restaurants in the US. Just to be clear, I’m very discriminate (or call it picky) about such things, and it is still good. It may not be fair to compare it to restaurants in Japan. Or Uni in a small place in Shakotan where the urchins may have been harvested right outside the door. Tamago from a specialty shop at Kuromon market in Osaka (decades ago, before the current tourist mobs). Maybe I should have communicated that I prefer fresh, local fish, and that I don’t need a gazillion pieces. Oh well.

You’re right on location - just wanted to share that it may not be worth it if it’s out of the way.

ETA: Please don’t take it personally. I’m simply sharing my thoughts on the subject, is all. Nothing personal. If Wataru’s owner is reading this, I’d suggest more of an emphasis on local or regional seafood. The most memorable, for me, were these. I remember the geoduck, for example. It was good. Play to the region’s strengths, and serve what’s good - omakase - I trust you (to serve me what’s good).

Oh my goodness, I’m super pleased to have your opinions/info. I hope you’ll continue to post about Seattle (assuming you live there).