Seeking recos for top tier wine bars on the west of 405

Bonus points if open midday sunday.
Lead up to dinner at Hatchet Hall

Esters (fancy) and Bodega (more casual) are both in Santa Monica and the first ones to come to mind for me in that area.

Are you looking to purchase bottles or sip leisurely-like?

Purchase: Wally’s Santa Monica, Wine House (though technically like 10 feet EAST of the 405).

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Yes Esters is Plan A

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Bar please

It’s very west of the 405, but Wade’s Wines near Thousand Oaks has an incredible tasting room and selection.

Whoa… thanks… this one actually helps for the future as we live up here now

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Great Happy Hour yesterday at Esters. Hat tip to the Burrata & Crostini, VIP Snacks and the St. Stephen’s Triple Cream (not on HH menu).

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Wine Expo on Santa Monica and Stanford is a fantastic shop and they had tastings pre-pandemic. Not sure if they’ve restarted those yet but worth a call.

When you are at Hatchet Hall, say hi to Nina. Best bartender in Los Angeles, and it is not even close.


Date night kind of vibes… but appreciate bottle shops for another time

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will do! old man bar or HH proper?
happy cake day

also i like your name… i had a series for some 10 years running on facebook that was in an album called Armen Eats the World where i just posted ridiculous pictures of me chowing all over the place such as Honfleur here in 2010: