Seeking Venue for my Uncle's 90th Bday on a Sat Night - West Side/ West Hollywood

Hello FTCers,

I have been tasked with finding a venue for 16 persons for my uncle Paul’s 90th bday at the end of the month. To make things even easier its called for on a Saturday night :slight_smile: Several of his pals are on fixed income so it will need to be budget friendly.

In the past, places like Maggiano’s, Pomodoro, Wood ranch have served well. Given its his 90th we thought we’d find somewhere new. Say between Sawtelle and the Grove.

Appreciate all suggestions, thank you in advance!


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how many are you expecting? la cabana on rose has a patio that can be pleasant

Thx Ron. The group is 16 persons. Somewhere between say Sawtelle and the Grove, cabana too far west

that’s a pretty pricey stretch. maybe something in westwood?

Westside Tavern - bit it is awfully LOUD. There is a large private room that might work. Not sure if there’s a minimum to book it.

One of the Persian (Shamshiri, Flame) or Italian (Matteo, La Bruschetta, Tanino) joints in/around Westwood

Bel Air Bar and Grill

AR Cucina (Culver City)


Pastina Trattoria (Westwood): Nice little neighborhood red sauce Italian place, featuring a prix fixe for those who are budget conscious. Valet or street parking available.

Thanks folks for all of your suggestions! Looks like we are going with Vito’s on Ocean Park for the early bird - aka happy hour- specials!

Vito on Ocean Park doesn’t do happy hour at the tables, only at the bar, which is packed the moment the doors open (and has about 10 seats). Did you call and ask if they’ll do it at a table and offer that pricing? They don’t have an “early bird”, either.

Look into Ghengis Cohen, they can accommodate 16 people and can be very inexpensive. Surprisingly yummy Americanized Chinese food (paper wrapped chicken etc).

This would be my suggestion, too, with the same caveats/

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Jeez, thanks YC! Will look into Ghengis Cohen and any other suggestions are most welcomed!

good choice for type of food and acoustics
but I have never found it a bargain - so be sure those early bird specials are indeed available and affordable for your group

Agreed Bob, def not a bargain though there is that 30% deal if you have a discount card. I was hoping the happy hour was being served throughout the resto not just at the bar. And then people could also order entrees etc if they wanted but no dice. We have calls into Terroni and Maggianos at the Grove, any other suggestions welcomed!

The dinner prix-fixe offer at Pastina allows everyone a graceful option while staying within budget.

Thanks JL. Unfortunately re: Pastina,our party is too big and we are planning for a sat night. Difficult parameters, certainly not of my choosing!

Like Shamshiri, Would pass on Matteo (IMO way past its prime). However, almost directly across the street on Westwood is Pastia which is quiet, reasonably priced and good Italian.

Yes, that is a better option.

Thanks. I was going to dare you to do Matteo and report back. Pastia given the demographic of the group is a solid choice.

HA. I would have passed – I know Matteo is pretty average-to-bad these days. Should not have brought it up.

If Javan is available and can accommodate a party that large, I think that’s a better choice than Shamshiri. It’s a bit further west than Sawtelle, but just barely.

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