Selling Street Food in LA Will No Longer Be a Crime Starting in 2019 - Eater LA

Yay for propping up street food in L.A.!


Only if we can get them to stop dumping their grease and refuse on the sidewalks. Wilshire / Vermont gets so slick at the slightest moisture, and the 7-Eleven / Shell just ripped out all their landscaping due to the rat infestation from when the danger dog cart started setting-up shop next to the fence.

Much as I like a good taco, this is some terrifying legislation. There’s nothing to stop legions of carts from setting up in front of your favorite restaurant or local park. Outside specific municipal regulation, there is no recourse for business owners, let alone residents.

Really highlights the CA political machine’s goal to make it easier to be very poor, but nearly impossible to remain middle class.

I forget who first suggested it, but I agree it would be beyond fitting if they renamed the law after Jonathan Gold.

There is plenty of space in this new bill for cities to impart regulation and control. If anything, it’s a kick in the butt for L.A. to get its regulations in order after stalling for so many years.

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this is amazing - you can set up an authentic VN style banh mi cart now.

I would worry about future offers of “protection” though…

in related news, AB 626 was also signed by Brown. allows for Sergio to operate his meals cooked from home! A Win Win!

Text of the the Signed bill:

Summary fact sheet:

Or we can sell pho or banh mi from our home kitchen once we get it inspected …hmm… interesting!! :wink:


this is incredible.