Sergio is BACK in da House in Inglewood

Looks like Sergio is back in the Mariscos biz

Sergio Penuelas

Mariscos 106 open Monday-Sunday 11:00am-7:00pm we also have Takeouts.we are located at 4302 west 106st Inglewood CA number is 310-980-3893


His timing might be good (and coincidental?). We tried to hit up Coni’seafood last night. Dear son drove by the Centinela location before heading over to pick us up - they were closed. Dear wife called both locations and neither answered.

He’s kind of a super hero. Had many of his dishes.


Was it near closing time? I’ve noticed (at least at the Centinela location) that they sometimes wrap up early.

Around 7PM…

Is that address correct? It’s a residential street. Is he cooking at his house?

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

Christmas come early for Sergio-style Sinaloan and Nayarit eats. :yum:

Thanks for the 411 @CiaoBob


Confirmed from Instagram posts with the same address. Yes, that address is a residence in Lennox.

Hmmm, who bets the Health Dept. has signed-off on the kitchen?

just for the record Sergio is my middle name…
well it’s Sergey… but still.
actually it’s Sergeyevich and a patronymic and not a middle name but still…

Da, comrade Nemroz Sergeyevich…

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new bill just signed might pave way for this.

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