SF Bay Area miscellaneous reports

Went to Bombera for the first time the other night. One of the nicest outdoor seating areas around here. It was a social occasion so I didn’t take photos.

Spicy carrots Mislanta were great, never had anything like that before.

Little gem salad with Cara Cara oranges, pepitas, jicama, etc. was very good.

Smoked trout tostadas were excellent. Get one per person, too small to share.

Carne asada huarache supreme, good but not exciting and the base didn’t seem right to me. I’d rather get a chicken tinga huarache at El Huarache Azteca.

Duck confit (“carnitas”) with moros y cristianos and mole verde was my favorite of the night. French-Cuban-Mexican fusion, what’s not to like?

Chocolate pot de creme was excellent, not very sweet, just the way I like it.

Lemon pudding cake had good fresh flavor, tasted pretty much just like the ones we make with backyard lemons and a recipe from my 1950 Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book.

“Guava tart” was basically membrillo y queso only with guava paste in a pastry shell instead of a chunk of quince paste. Fun.

Negra Modelo on draft. Short but well selected natty wine list. Our friend who’s a regular (lives half a block away) says the cocktails are solid. Service was great. Not that it’s a problem but I haven’t seen so many white people in one place since I was in San Diego.

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Went back and had the duck again. That pipian verde is great stuff.

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Tried Hella Bagels. Delivery only, have to order most of a week ahead, $3 each, which is what Boichik, Saul’s, and Wise Sons charge without delivery.

4.7 oz., a bit over 3.5" across, so kind of high. Good texture. Needed toasting. Probably won’t order again.

For $3, I think a bagel should still have some crunch in the crust without toasting. I’d rather get frozen Just Bagels ($1.14 each) and bake them when we want them.