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I didn’t like the “buckwheat gnocchi” things myself.

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i agree about that soba gnocchi was a huge miss. not only was it flavorless but extremely difficult to eat, the nori would instantly turn into mush like you said and the gnocchi would squirt out the other side when you try to eat it.

my highlight of the night was the wild boar croquette, crispy on the outside and fatty and juicy inside.


Luckily we managed to avoid the buckwheat squirt :joy: Did you… add on two other main courses from the other tasting menu and the wagyu corned beef? :open_mouth:

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spring menu

shrimp cake with sea pineapple
capon chawanmushi
bamboo tempura with smoked bonito furikakeh
ginga no shizuku rice with furikakeh
grilled unagi
sakura masu
grilled wagyu
sakura mochi

chinmi - shiitake, aged tofuyo, scallop, uni, narezushi

first time having narezushi - one of sergio’s deep cuts.

hassun - shrimp cake (minced hoya sea pineapple shiokara), grilled mochi stuffed with karasumi, hotaru ika, sweet soy glaze asparagus

japanese sea bream, yubuki, myoga, umeboshi

hokkaido scallop, akagai, wakame

chawanmushi - capon rooster, fava bean, carrot leaf, mitsuba, ginger

matsuzaka beef sashimi

fresh bamboo tempura with smoked bonito furikakeh

ginga no shizuku rice (iwate japan), fresh peas, shiitake, salted cherry blossom tsukemono

grilled unagi, burdock root

sakura masu

grilled matsuzaka and ohmi wagyu, fresh wasabi

koji (r)ice cream, jackfruit

candied quince

sakura mochi


@PorkyBelly what did you think of the rice? I thought it was pretty boring. The worst thing we had was the chawanmushi, because it was served too cold - I don’t think it was a problem with the BOH, the FOH seemed very disorganized and inexperienced.


Can I ask what a sea pineapple is?


that’s surprising. did you think the rice itself or the entire rice course was boring? the rice and accompanying proteins have always been my favorite.


i originally thought i was eating this:


but apparently it’s a sea squirt


@attran99 It’s squishy with a nice chew, and tastes like the ocean, with a hint of bitterness. I find it fun to eat, definitely better with sake. A good drinking appetizer.


I have a ratio problem there. My personal preference is double or triple proteins for that much plain rice. I found the rice itself was quite boring because I don’t know what to do with most of it after the accompanying protein is gone. Maybe save some chinmi for the ending rice could have been a very nice move.


Oh my god, it’s a giant sea squirt. “Rubber dipped in ammonia” matches my experience.


yeah I can see that. i always order triple protein with the rice.

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Years ago when I first tried kaiseki in Kyoto they served plain rice with soup and vegetables. No proteins, either on the side or mixed in. At a ryokan they were going to do the same but I asked specifically to open up the rice early to pair with proteins (it was cooked but just sitting in a clay pot if I remember right for after I was done with other parts of the meal). This has colored what I considered Kyoto/traditional kaiseki and I was so happy to see Brandon doing more with his rice course when I first tried Hayato.

If presented with the same presentation, I’d try to pair each bite of rice with a sip of miso soup or a pickled vegetable. Not my preferred way of doing it as I also like a good protein with rice but this seems like a thing that happens and sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

Anyways, another great looking meal at Shibumi!


If the rice is as fragrant and delicious as the rice at Needle, I have no problem eating it alone.

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The rice itself was fine, I thought it was cooked well, but yeah not a lot else to go with it. To be honest, I was already getting quite full and the rice was not amazing enough to entice me to graze on it. After the sakura masu and the oden the rice was just ehh.


new cdc derek wilcox
new summer menu
and new forthcoming izakaya restaurant in echo park

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