Shoulder Time in DTLA/Arts District

Group of four going to Ice Cream Museum in Arts District Friday at 2. Looking for place in arts district or DTLA for drink/lite meal at about 4. Can’t wait until usual dinner start at 5:30, as one of us can not really walk around that long. Current plan, Otium. Suggestions?

How about the new Mikkeller Bar?

Otium is a solid choice. Closer to arts: Sushi Gen, Manuela, Everson Royce Bar, Bestia. Some of these don’t open till 5pm though.

Mikkeler is closer to South Park, but I think the food is only so so.

Walking-wise, Otium is quite the trip from Arts District.

Little sister

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Uber. Are drinks and snacks decent at Otium?

Little sister sounds good for two of us. Two others are spicy(any heat) averse and fish centric. Good to know open all day!

Yes, if you are Ubering, it will more than do. If you want to continue the art theme, Manuela is definitely worth a try as well.

Manuela is not open at 4 pm on Friday.

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Why Uber to Otium, when you can easily just go to Wurstküche, Eat Drink Americano, or Urban Radish.

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Great beer selection but pretty lackluster food.

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Ipse, Eat, Drink sounds perfect! Other two peeps are suggesting coming back to Venice after Ice Cream and a wander when faced with shoulder choices. Maybe this will change their minds!
Thanks to all for suggestions :yum:

Brief report back. Avoid the Ice Cream Museum. Not air conditioned, no ability to buy any treats, three small free samples for $28. Sort of ok as light-hearted installation art. Went to Urban Radish for a burger. Deemed very good (one of us was hungry before Museum). Went to Eat Drink Americano for happy hour after and had featured nibbles and drinks. Fish tacolette, hummus, chilidog, empanadas and naan. All satisfying happy hour fare. Would not hesitate to go to either again.

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But you can’t put a price on those Instagram likes!

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