Singapore Find: Fuzhou Oyster Cake

Located at (unsurprisingly) Maxwell Road Hawker Centre (at stall 5), Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake celebrates a dying fried pastry tradition called the Fuzhou oyster cake. I spotted this place after a somewhat disappointing return trip to Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice (the quality at Tian Tian has dropped quite a bit since my last visit there a few years back, but this is a story for another time).

The Fuzhou oyster cake is a tasty treat. The frying may look heavy, but the chef is skilled, and the oil used is high quality. So, overall the finished product tastes light. The peanuts mixed into the crust offer a different dimension to the juicy hot oyster inside.


Interesting take on fried oysters, looks great.

Nice! The crispy top layer reminds me of Cantonese roast pork and deep fried intestines…

This must be what they call 蚵嗲 in Central/Southern Taiwan (though some say this rendition’s origins came from Lukang Township in Changhua, by way of Fujianese immigrants).

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Thanks for the information! Fuzhou seems to be the origin, then…