Site housekeeping: image compression in progress

I got a note from Discourse that hosting would be going up from $100 to $250 a month because storage exceeded 50GB. That seemed insane since Amazon S3 would charge no more than $12 a month for the next 50GB. I asked them what we could do to avoid that and they’re running a compression routine on the images, which account for most of the storage. That might cause some temporary problems with viewing images.

In the long run, I’ll have to find some way to limit the storage required.

I don’t know what any of this means. Do you need more donations?

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Nothing needed for the moment, I just wanted to alert people that image display might be messed up.

Compression is done. Storage usage is now down to 60%.

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We need Richard’s help


I sometimes wonder if I’m adding too many photos to my posts, fearing exactly what you posted in the OP. Is that something we should be mindful of going forward?

To be determined. It makes no sense to me that the charges should take such a big jump when the incremental cost of storage is only around 25 cents a gigabyte per month.

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I’m noticing a lot of images not loading, e.g.

@robert: in the future, should we upload lower-res images, or is Discourse’s compression algorithm more effective than what we would do on our own?

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