Slab BBQ - Fairfax

I thought the greens were damn good, this was about 2 months ago, maybe less? The mac n cheese is whatever. The fried pickle spears were also pretty darn tasty. Never had any other sides.

My order at Gus’s is now:

Fried chicken
Fried pickles
Chess pie


The best sides at Gus are the fried stuff imo


We had Bludso’s Nicole Rucker Key Lime Pie for breakfast. Not like getting it fresh from the bakery and eating it that day, but still very good.

I tried Max City yesterday. Ordered up a half rack of St Louis and a whole chicken. The ribs and chicken were decent, not very much smoke flavor. The ribs were slightly sweet, sort of reminiscent of Bludsos Compton, slightly undercooked and not very meat. I could probably kill a whole rack, whereas the ribs from Slab are very meaty. I think Slab had more smoke flavor on the ribs than Max City. The chicken was better at Max City because it was not rubbery, just wish there was more smoke flavor.

My issue with Max City is that I ordered a whole chicken and got a half chicken and one more thigh. I took this picture right after opening the box with was taped closed. Almost certain I was charged for a whole chicken but I’ll double check.

Thanks for the rec @Ns1 it was worth a shot.

Half rack St Louis ribs

Max City definition of a whole chicken.

I think out of all of the BBQ places, Maple Block still serves the best ribs in the city, despite the dip in quality. One place that doesn’t get recognition is Bigg Dane and Beales Texas BBQ because it is out in Fontana.


Yah, I think ours had a darker bark and burnt ends.


Your chicken does look much darker. The chicken was tender, just needed more smoke flavor.

Let the fried chicken war begin . You should be so lucky .:poultry_leg::star_struck:

It’s a bad photo. Those are the ribs. :grimacing:

Those ribs look good.

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Sorry to say this is sort of going as I expected. Walking distance from home.
Making me want to fire up the smoker.

Has anybody revisited this place?? It’s now at a whopping 4.5* over 160 reviews on Yelp and the pictures certainly look great…

For instance…


My cousins went and weren’t impressed. But that was a few months ago. You’re right, that does look good.

Brisket was super tender. They also supposedly serve pastrami on mondays which could be interesting.

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I had the Monday Pastrami sandwhich, it was very good but on the smaller side AND $22.00…

This place is pricey…I don’t think even Langers or Katz pastrami is that much.


Yep, they thought it was overpriced too.

Very nice today. Ribs could be a tad softer, brisket a tad juicier but very good. They’re very busy with orders which could be why it’s less than perfect but I’m happy for them

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