Smokin' Woods - Oakland BBQ


Slab of ribs ($40): eccentric style, trimmed of all fat, light smoke, either brined or salted so it tastes kind of like ham. Liked it but would not order again.


Sides ($4 each a la carte): potato salad was excellent, collards and coleslaw OK.

Not displacing Smoke as my current favorite.

FORTY BUCKS for one slab of ribs. Holey moley. These days I’m rarely shocked at food prices but that just blows my mind. Whew.

Yeah, that is too much. Their other prices are similar to those at Smoke, which charges $26.50 for a slab.

Now I could probably do that. Especially since we’d share one rack. Or stick with making them at home :slight_smile: (We tend to go out for things that we can’t do as well or better at home, as I’m sure you do.)